World’s top 20 tech companies ranked by profit per employee, 2023

1. Apple – USA: Apple leads the list with a substantial profit of $99.80 billion and a workforce of 164,000 employees, resulting in an impressive profit per employee of approx $609,000. The technology giant continues to dominate the market, emphasizing both scale and efficiency.

2. Broadcom – USA: Broadcom secures the second position with a profit of $11.50 billion and a relatively smaller workforce of 20,000 employees, resulting in a remarkable profit per employee of $575,000. This semiconductor company highlights efficiency and strategic management.

3. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing – Taiwan: In third place is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, with a significant profit of $33.34 billion and 73,090 employees. The company’s profit per employee of $456,000 underscores its pivotal role in the semiconductor industry. More