Honeywell extends flight efficiency contract with Lufthansa group

Honeywell (NASDAQ: HON) announced today it has extended its contract with Lufthansa Group and added Lufthansa Cityline as a user of Honeywell Flight Efficiency software.

Honeywell Flight Efficiency is a cloud-based solution that uses deep data analytics to equip airlines and flight crews with actionable insights to reduce fuel consumption and cut carbon emissions. The software provides specific guidance to pilots, ground personnel and other cross-functional stakeholders to make informed decisions about fuel loading, taxiing and flight procedures and to gauge the impact of decisions affecting fuel economy on other airline priorities, such as on-time performance.

Under this agreement, Lufthansa Cityline will unlock the potential of more fuel-efficient flight operations by gaining access to its historical flight data, allowing for a comprehensive analysis of flight execution in comparison to initial plans. This, in turn, will enable the airline to take corrective measures for upcoming flights, granting greater flexibility in making decisions for future flights, analyzing anomalies on historical ones and solving use cases for specific scenarios. More