AGI Group acquires Chemtrix to expand into the large-scale flow chemistry market

AGI Group is excited to announce the successful acquisition of Chemtrix B.V. effective from 29th December 2023. Chemtrix, based in the Netherlands, designs and manufactures a scalable portfolio of flow reactors that enables industry and academia to harness the advantages of flow chemistry and process intensification. This strategic acquisition will bring flow chemistry scale-up capabilities into the AGI Group, supporting both pilot and manufacturing solutions.

The AGI Group, founded in Japan, is a world-leading solutions provider for precision manufactured glass equipment across chemical processing industries, including the scientific and pharmaceuticals sectors. The core strategy of the AGI Group is to expand its global presence to support customers and enable sales growth in markets outside of Japan.

The AGI Group’s exciting and expanding portfolio of well-known brands includes the flagship AGI Glassplant brand; Premex Reactor, a supplier of premium quality, high pressure reactor systems and magnetic stirrers for research and development; and Syrris, the global leader in flow chemistry solutions for laboratory scale applications. More