Brewer Science presents future of water quality monitoring at consumer electronics show (CES) 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada – January 9, 2024 – Brewer Science, Inc., a global leader in developing and manufacturing next-generation materials and processes for the microelectronics and optoelectronics industries, will be presenting its newest innovations in Smart Devices at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at The Venetian Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 9th through January 12th.

As the world strives for a sustainable and healthier living, advancements in technology are paving the way for a future where monitoring to ensure safe drinking water is widely available and affordable to everyone. Brewer Science is introducing the next generation of water quality sensing systems, offering accuracy, real-time data, and limits of detection like never before. Our innovative water quality sensors are made possible by combining printed electronics with next-generation materials. The result is a continuous real-time monitoring platform that is engineered to revolutionize water quality monitoring across various industries. Key features include:

Real-time monitoring: Instantaneous data collection and analysis provide immediate insights into water quality parameters, enabling proactive intervention.

Precision with extremely low limits of detection: Utilizing advanced sensor technologies, our system offers unparalleled precision in detecting contaminants, ensuring water safety at parts per billion levels.

Customizable analytes: Our platform is incredibly adaptive, allowing for detection of a wide range of water contaminants. Our first-generation device consists of sensors for trace lead (Pb2+), nitrate and pH.

“Bringing integrated and connected water monitoring solutions to the market requires a sophisticated commitment to material science. Brewer Science’s decades of experience as a leading manufacturer of next generation materials is enabling the transformative future of water quality monitoring,” according to Robert Frueh, Senior Manager of Business Development – Emerging Technologies at Brewer Science.