May 29, 2023

News Stories from the Digital World

Master Cutting Systems explains benefits of digitalisation and automation in manufacturing

Digitalisation and automation in the production are currently billed as the remedy for lack of skilled staff as well as the shortage of energy and resources.

However, what does it look like in practice and how can digitalisation solutions really bring competitive and economic advantages through the networking of machines and systems?

Messer Cutting Systems answered these questions at Cutting World in Essen and show best practice solutions on their stand and at two technical lectures.

Roger Kilian-Kehr, CDO Global, and Ingo Staudinger, product manager material handling and laser, spoke about the competitive advantages of digitalisation and economies from automation in their lectures on April 25th at the thermal cutting day at Cutting World.

Laser stays in ascendancy

The very fast developing laser technology plays a very important role in automation. Available laser powers have increased dramatically in a short time.

The trend is reenforced by further technologies such as different beams forms and optimisation through gas mixtures.

With the new laser cutting machine Element L, Messer Cutting Systems makes possible performance jumps in laser technology.

The combination of various features and powerful software ensures maximum productivity and performance.

Staudinger says: “We have developed a very special highly dynamic laser bevel unit for the Element L. It covers a range of inclination of +/- 50 degrees and is characterised by a greatly increased dynamics with focus on the cut quality.

“We no longer need to stop the machine for hole piercing. This naturally means a better efficiency and protects the machine as well.

“The resulting increased output forces an acceleration of the unloading process. Thanks to the improved quality we can – wherever possible – also change to top side bevels.

“This leads to a drastic acceleration for manual sorting and reduces the error quotient for automated unloading of bevel parts to a minimum.”

Digitalisation is so simple

Roger Kilian-Kehr shows what competitive advantages are possible in contract manufacture from digitalisation and automation using impressive examples from practice.

Staudinger exp0lains: “Many companies have no idea how easy it is to get into digitalisation and how much even small steps can achieve.

“We have numerous customers who just started with individual processes and then built up further step by step. A modular solution concept is most suitable for this.

“Our modular approach includes various software modules which can be combined in such a way as to provide the appropriate solution to specific customer problems.”