June 10, 2023


News Stories from the Digital World

Marine engineering company achieves efficiency gains using digital processes

Hubs, the innovative online manufacturing platform, has successfully helped GB MEC, a traditional marine engineering company, achieve efficiency gains by digitalizing and streamlining sourcing processes.

With its instant pricing and Design for Manufacturing (DFM) analysis, Hubs has enabled GB MEC to ramp up its production of high-quality yacht components while reducing costs and delivery times.

GB MEC, which specializes in metal carpentry and motor assembly services for luxury yachts, struggled with sourcing custom CNC-machined parts on tight deadlines.

Relying on local manufacturers often led to delays and financial setbacks. Some suppliers also couldn’t meet the quality standards.

Hubs turned the tide for GB MEC with its cutting-edge quote builder and built-in DFM analysis. This platform enabled GB MEC to receive instant pricing for their diverse CNC machining needs while ensuring cost-efficiency without sacrificing quality.

By detecting potential design issues before production commenced, Hubs’ DFM software minimized costs and eliminated delays, making it possible for GB MEC to obtain specialized CNC-machined parts quickly.

Claudio Martinelli, a senior design engineer at GB MEC, commended Hubs for their continuous support and keen attention to detail.

Martinelli says: “No matter what doubt we have, Hubs’ point of contact always resolves it in less than one business day.

“Without Hubs, probably we wouldn’t manage to meet many deadlines, which would cause us serious trouble and significantly increase operational costs.”

The collaboration between Hubs and GB MEC demonstrates that online manufacturing platforms benefit not only startups and digitally advanced firms but also help traditional businesses to thrive in today’s dynamic market.