June 10, 2023


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Evermile raises $6 million seed funding to develop local delivery technologies

Evermile, the first local delivery platform built for small businesses, has raised $6 million in a seed funding round led by 10D with participation from Mensch Capital Partners and various angel investors, including Fred Destin (ex-board member at Deliveroo), Ziv Paz (co-founder of Melio) and others.

Through its unique platform, Evermile simplifies and automates complex delivery operations, making enterprise-grade logistics accessible to owner/operator-led SMBs.

The company has built a unique and sophisticated optimization engine that leverages mobility-driven algorithms and AI aggregation models to reduce delivery costs by 30-50 percent and dramatically change the unit economics of local delivery for small businesses.

Evermile is already partnered with over 300 local merchants across the UK including a variety of pharmacies, flower shops, wine stores, local bakeries and more. The funding will be used to expand to new markets globally.

Omer Goldschmidt, CEO and co-founder of Evermile, says: “Local delivery has become essential to almost every small business, yet current delivery options are complex to manage and prevent growth.

“Before Evermile, a local merchant faced two challenging scenarios: manage external delivery vendors themselves or build their own in-house delivery fleet – both are expensive, complex, and time-consuming.

“Evermile offers a third route; access to a single delivery platform that can power all their delivery needs in a simple, flexible, customizable and cost-effective manner.

“We’re proud to leverage mobility-grade optimization, aggregation techniques and AI to unite local merchants to deliver together.

“Through Evermile, we’re dramatically changing the unit economics of local delivery and slashing delivery costs for these businesses and the millions of customers who want to continue buying locally.”

Most small business owners have limited time, manpower, commercial leverage, or logistical expertise.

This results in a highly challenging situation in which local merchants are unable to offer the flexibility and the delivery experiences consumers crave, and find themselves ill-equipped to compete with e-commerce behemoths, especially as 93 percent of Europeans’ purchasing decisions are being influenced by the delivery options offered.

Built by former Via and Optibus executives, Evermile is changing this reality by harnessing advanced machine-learning and mobility-grade optimization technology.

Evermile has built a vast network of delivery companies and smartly matches merchants to the right partner for each delivery task.

The proprietary algorithms instantly analyze order preferences and constraints, including locations, distance to delivery, the type of goods and the customer’s preferred timescale to receive their purchases ranging from on-demand, next day to custom or scheduled dates.

Through Evermile, local merchants are also able to benefit from each others’ delivery needs by forecasting deliveries that can be aggregated and initiating shared journeys.

Evermile’s community approach further slashes costs by uniting local merchants to capitalize on the combined negotiating power of thousands of companies operating together.

Ziv Paz, angel investor and co-founder of Melio, a fintech platform for small businesses, says: “The time is ripe for the logistics which underpin small businesses to fundamentally change.

“From my own experience working with thousands of small businesses, I have seen how protracted, expensive and limited delivery options for SMBs result in a loss of customers and a significant hit to their revenues and bottom lines.

“I was excited to join the Evermile journey as they are not just another last-mile solution, they are incorporating advanced mobility tech in a novel way that prioritizes business collaboration and equips independent retailers with the edge they need to thrive in a highly-competitive marketplace.”

Itay Rand, partner at 10D, says: “At 10D, we pride ourselves on investing in companies that transcend traditional approaches in order to make a real impact on sectors in need of innovation.

“Logistics is undergoing a once-in-a-lifetime transformation, and while shipping and on-demand segments have seen significant innovation over the past few years – local delivery and especially deliveries for local merchants were left behind.

“With its impressive, automated platform, and advanced optimization capabilities, Evermile has created a scalable solution for affordable deliveries. For small businesses and the millions of customers relying on their services, Evermile is undoubtedly a game-changer.”

By automating over 80 percent of logistics tasks, Evermile is the ideal solution for any local merchant. Small businesses can set up an Evermile account in under five minutes, without requiring complex integrations, volume commitments or any agreements.

The solution is easy to use and highly customizable, enabling merchants to offer bespoke delivery services through their preferred methods be that mobile, tablet or computer.

Businesses can choose to use Evermile’s aggregation delivery service in which multiple products are collected and delivered to different drop-offs or they can participate in Evermile’s Deliver Together program which allows local businesses to join together and choose a single pickup point for deliveries.

Both options offer local merchants a more eco-friendly, more cost-effective and more reliable delivery service than traditional methods.

Evermile has already partnered with over 300 SMBs across the UK including a variety of pharmacies, flower shops, wine stores, local bakeries and more.