May 29, 2023

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WiredClip podcasting expert shares his favourite AI tools

AI is slowly working its way into almost every industry out there, so it shouldn’t be surprising that many AI podcasting tools have popped up.

But with so many options, how are you supposed to cut through the noise and find the best software for you?

We asked podcasting expert Martin Chaplin from to share his top 4 favourite AI tools he thinks everyone should be using when podcasting. And this is what he said.

1. Shownotes

Shownotes, an AI-powered solution, automatically summarizes podcast episodes and generates landing pages with transcripts and caption files.

It utilizes ChatGPT to convert YouTube auto-captions, generates attention-grabbing quotes, and can transform transcripts into blog posts. Shownotes offers three plans: Free, Creator, and Pro.

The Free plan includes one shownote, an abridged transcript, a landing page, and public access to all shows. The Creator plan adds two monthly shownotes, private show options, a landing page editor, and a full transcript with filler words.

The Pro plan includes unlimited shownotes, private show options, a landing page editor, a full transcript with filler words, and a captions file.

2. Podium

Podium is an AI-driven technology designed to speedup podcast post-production. It enables the swift generation of transcripts, highlights, chapters, and show notes with episode summaries.

The user-friendly application doesn’t even need an account to use; simply submit an audio file.

Podium’s AI efficiently identifies notable quotes, creates chapters and titles, and generates a shareable episode summary for social media.

As well as this, it provides high-quality transcripts for improved accessibility and SEO. Initially free, Podium will soon adopt an affordable pay-per-use fee or custom pricing for large volume processing.

3. Cleanvoice

Cleanvoice AI is an artificial intelligence tool designed to remove filler words that we all say in natural conversation, but may be distracting to listeners of your pod (for example, “uh” and “um”).

What might be even more useful though is that it can automatically remove mouth noises (for example, lip-smacking) from audio recordings. It also edits out dead air and stuttering.

The multilingual AI can detect and eliminate filler sounds in multiple languages, including German and French, and accommodate regional accents. It can also detect and remove lip-smacking, stuttering, and clicking sounds.

Cleanvoice AI allows users to export their recording timelines to an editor, highlighting areas for modification. This feature enables faster, more precise editing.

Additionally, Cleanvoice AI offers a risk-free, 30-minute trial without requiring a credit card.

4. Mood AI

The powerful Mood AI Generative Podcast Marketing Kit helps podcasters reach a bigger audience. Using generative AI based on podcast episodes, it automatically generates comprehensive transcripts, summaries, keywords, brief descriptions, key topics, titles, blog posts, social media posts, and video clips.

This enables podcast creators to easily expand their audience by quickly producing content, marketing materials, and tracking content effectiveness.

Chaplin, podcasting expert and founder of WiredClip, says: “AI integration in podcasting is a game-changer, elevating your content and expanding your audience reach.

“AI in podcasting offers remarkable benefits for creators, streamlining processes and improving content quality.

“AI-driven tools allow for fast, accurate transcription and summarization, making your content more accessible and engaging. As well as this, AI enhances audio quality by eliminating unwanted sounds, ensuring a smooth listening experience.”

Using AI to create and edit your podcasts will also have a positive impact on the podcast’s SEO, according to Doug, and SEO expert from SpamZilla.

Doug says: “I can’t emphasize enough the value of incorporating AI technology into your podcasting process.

“Using AI-driven tools like Podium, Shownotes, Mood AI, and Cleanvoice can significantly boost your SEO efforts, ultimately increasing your online visibility and attracting a larger audience.

“AI-generated transcripts and captions not only make your content more accessible to a diverse audience but also provide search engines with keyword-rich text to crawl and index.

“This increases the likelihood of your content appearing in relevant search results, driving more organic traffic to your website or podcast platform.”