May 29, 2023

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LeanDNA adds Planner Workbench to enable manufacturing teams to enhance production

Top manufacturers are using LeanDNA’s Inventory Optimization Command Center to proactively manage shortages and improve productivity through enhanced production readiness visibility, says the company.

LeanDNA’s new Planner Workbench uses automated Clear to Build capabilities to streamline processes for more efficient workflows.

Richard Lebovitz, CEO of LeanDNA, says: “Manufacturing leaders across the world use LeanDNA to bring people and data together in real time to streamline workflows through enhanced visibility and collaboration.

“Clear to Build specifically empowers production planners to use LeanDNA’s advanced analytics that leverages current inventory, demand, and order pegging to optimize resources and maximize productivity.”

LeanDNA’s Clear to Build is automated to streamline workflows and increase productivity across the supply chain.

With this enhanced visibility into production material health, operations can continue with confidence knowing what they can and can not build.

Mandeep Sahota, Johnson Controls VP, global operations, says: “LeanDNA’s inventory optimization command center is a key component for our collaborative ecosystem to drive better production readiness visibility and help drive the right business decisions.

“Partnering with our suppliers allows us to give them the visibility they need to understand what parts are critical for production.”

LeanDNA’s advanced Clear to Build functionality helps global manufacturers understand how to allocate their resources and aligns the production timeline with available parts and incoming purchase orders.

This collaborative workbench shows production managers if they have everything needed to begin production and helps them proactively identify materials that are missing and could stall production or are a potential shortage risk.

Clear to Build creates a new level of efficiency and improves accuracy in production planning, says the company.

LeanDNA is focused on further developing and streamlining the workflow between material buyer, supplier, and production planner with an emphasis on collaboration and enhanced visibility.

The platform is expanding and developing advanced buyer and supplier collaboration capabilities to make communication easier and faster for all partners involved in complex manufacturing.