May 29, 2023

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Google and Identity Digital to release new website domain extensions

Google and Identity Digital are releasing a number of new website domain extensions, giving internet users more options for creating unique website addresses.

But for those just getting into the online domain buying game, these new extensions and what they can be used for look pretty confusing.

Luckily, SEO expert and founder of the domain site, Doug, is here to help.

Breaking down the new domains, Doug has shared what he thinks each should be used for, as well as provide an expert comment on how these will affect the SEO industry as a whole.

Here’s a brief explanation of the best use for each of the new domain extensions:

  • .WATCHES: Ideal for websites related to watches, including online stores, collectors’ forums, and blogs discussing watch brands, designs, and maintenance. The domain can also be used for security agencies, neighborhood watch organizations, news sites, birdwatchers, and more!
  • .ESQ: Designed for lawyers or distinguished individuals, this domain can be used for legal professionals’ websites, law firm sites, or professional networking platforms.
  • .FOO: Commonly used by developers, this domain is best suited for websites related to coding, programming, or developer resources and tools.
  • .NEXUS: Intended for websites that bring various resources or elements together, such as information hubs, collaboration platforms, or online communities.
  • .PROF: Aimed at professors, this domain is suitable for academic websites, course resources, or educational content created by professors.
  • .PHD: Designed for individuals with doctorate degrees, this domain is suitable for academic and research-focused websites, showcasing PhD holders’ work, or resources for PhD students.
  • .ZIP: Although the specific use is not clear, it could be used for websites related to file compression, data storage, or sharing services.
  • .MOV: This domain could be used for websites related to movies, video content, or video-sharing platforms, as “MOV” is a common file extension for video files.

Remember that these domain extensions are just guidelines, and you can get creative with how you use them for your website!

Here’s what SEO expert Doug had to say on these new domains: “With the introduction of these nine new domain extensions, we’re witnessing a significant expansion in the domain landscape. This presents both opportunities and challenges for businesses and individuals looking to establish a strong online presence.

“On one hand, these new gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains) allow for increased personalization and differentiation in website addresses, making it easier for brands to stand out and target niche markets.

“However, this also means that there’s an increased need for effective SEO strategies to ensure that websites using these new domain extensions remain visible in search results.

“As the industry becomes more saturated, competition for top-ranking positions will intensify, making it even more important for businesses to focus on optimizing their websites for search engines.

“Ultimately, these new domain extensions offer exciting possibilities for innovation and differentiation in the online domain industry.

“However, as with any change, it’s crucial for businesses and individuals to stay informed and adapt their strategies to remain competitive in an evolving digital landscape.”

All of the domains above will become available on a rolling schedule, as follows: Sunrise (2 Apr to 3 May 2023); Early Access Period (3 May to 10 May 2023); and General Availability (10 May 2023 onwards).