June 10, 2023


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MapsPeople unveils 3D visualization capabilities for MapsIndoors

MapsPeople, an indoor mapping provider, has expanded its mapping capabilities with the introduction of 3D maps to the MapsIndoors product.

This new 3D mapping capability is now available for web and Android users, with a rollout to iOS slated for May 2023.

MapsIndoors’ 3D maps utilize real 3D models and vector graphics, providing a high-performing piece of design for both small- and large-scale enterprises.

With MapsIndoors’ advanced technology, detailed and customized 3D indoor maps are now available at scale.

Morten Brøgger, CEO of MapsPeople, says: “The addition of 3D maps to MapsIndoors is a game changer for the indoor location market.

“This innovation provides scalability that allows our customers – many of whom have very large and complex solutions — to quickly access 3D options regardless of their available resources.

“This feature also allows our partners to better meet the specific needs of both small and large customers.”

According to a comprehensive study by McKinsey, companies that prioritized user-centric design options outperformed the industry-benchmark growth rate.

The optimized 3D maps allow end users to greatly improve their experience and maximize ROI.

Providing realistic depth into the map, this new design includes an improved understanding of sizes, heights and distances, all with the goal of being easy to navigate for enterprises.

Christian Christensen, head of product management at MapsPeople, says: “Our goal in developing 3D maps was to create a product that goes beyond the typical 3D extrusions.

“By employing real 3D models and vectors, these maps serve not only as navigational tools but also as high-performing branding assets.

“Their attention-grabbing and engaging design elevates both brand positioning and user experience, making them an indispensable asset for any business.”