June 10, 2023


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IntelePeer named as ‘leading communications automation platform provider’ by Aragon Research

IntelePeer, a communications automation platform and communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) provider, says it has been highlighted by Aragon Research as a “leading provider” in recent report on Communications Automation Platforms (CAP).

IntelePeer says the acknowledgment is a “significant milestone” for its platform and automation tools in this emerging CPaaS category.

Aragon’s report reveals that Communications Automation Platforms will overcome the longstanding industry problem of legacy, siloed applications fulfilling customers’ shifting expectations for greater personalization and context-driven experiences.

By creating new user experiences, automating complex processes for employees and enabling customers to get what they need instantaneously, IntelePeer, among other market leaders, is transforming the communications automation space.

Frank Fawzi, IntelePeer CEO, says: “IntelePeer is proud to be named as a pioneer in this emerging category.

“Communications Automation Platforms offer a fantastic opportunity for enterprises to meet their customers’ ever-changing needs.

Our platform, in particular, simplifies the communications automation process while lowering the cost of business, improving customer experience and accelerating ROI.

“We are excited to play a leading role in developing CAP and shaping the future of the communications automation landscape.”

IntelePeer’s Communications Automation Platform gives brands access to low- and no-code solutions, permitting companies to quickly and easily build and automate applications without needing programmers or dedicated development cycles.

Moreover, the platform integrates automation into core business and customer-centric processes, eliminating the need for enterprises to buy more stand-alone applications (which often do not work together) to meet companies’ ever-changing needs.

Jim Lundy, Aragon Research CEO, says: “This is an exciting time for the communications industry.

“The fourth industrial revolution is about automation and Communications Automation Platforms go beyond static APIs to offer a low-code way of designing applications quickly and easily.

“This is a significant shift in the evolution of communications and collaboration and gives enterprises that leverage these platforms advantages in both time to market and the overall experience that is delivered.

“IntelePeer is at the forefront of this market, transforming the way communications and applications are designed and developed.”

With organizations looking to support multiple channels and additional communication layers, IntelePeer’s Communications Automation Platform empowers companies to automate and tailor their contact center and enterprise communications to deliver customized, convenient and modern customer experiences.

With ready-to-use AI, robust analytics and other built-in automation capabilities, customers can use IntelePeer’s platform to reduce strain on their employees, particularly customer service representatives, allowing them to focus on high value tasks.

Unlike others in this developing market, IntelePeer has moved away from usage-based pricing through bundling options for more affordable and reasonable prices.

IntelePeer’s platform comprehensively provides core elements essential to meeting digitally native customers’ high expectations and remaining competitive in today’s rapidly modernizing world.

These key features include:

  • Omnichannel engagement and automation
  • Easy to create communications workflows
  • App development via low-code tools
  • Robust, cross channel analytics
  • Partner ecosystem and extensibility

IntelePeer is vendor agnostic, sitting in front of and around customers’ current contact centers or unified communication systems, promoting more seamless experiences.

And as a platform built for business users, IntelePeer provides customer support in its Managed Services and Customer Success enablement for flexible implementation approaches according to the company’s unique staffing and skillsets.