March 21, 2023

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Mobile operator 2degrees adopts BroadForward’s telecommunications technology

Following the successful deployment of the BroadForward DRA, New Zealand operator 2Degrees has gone live with the BroadForward STP.

Deployment of the BroadForward Diameter Firewall, SS7 Firewall and Mobile Number Portability (MNP) solution is ongoing.

Leading New Zealand mobile operator 2degrees announced it has gone live with the BroadForward Signaling Transfer Point (STP), replacing Huawei for 3G Core network routing.

BroadForward, signaling experts from the Netherlands, provides mobile core network functions for 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G routing, interworking, security and number portability.

Underlying all software products is a common, converged signalling architecture with on-board support for protocols such as Diameter, SS7, SIP, ENUM, RADIUS and HTTP/2.

BroadForward’s software products are undergoing constant innovation and feature development, enabling operators to invest in the future while significantly reduce network complexity and costs.

The design enables BroadForward products to be configured and managed through a common, powerful graphical user interface.

The BroadForward STP, often in combination with the BroadForward DRA, is widely adopted by leading global Mobile Network Operators, MVNOs and IPX providers.

Often these are replacements of legacy products that are End Of Life (EOL) Also cost rationalization and network consolidation are key reasons for replacement.

Garry Joyce, head of core network at 2degrees, says “We are pleased with the new STP and the relative ease with which BroadForward managed the replacement of the legacy systems.

“Deploying the BroadForward STP alongside the BroadForward DRA not only ensures continued development and support of the current solution, but also provides an easy and logical path to new network technologies and capabilities, including 5G.”

Taco Schoute, CEO of BroadForward, says: “2degrees is a great customer to have, as they push the boundaries of technology to achieve the best possible customer experience.

“The fact that, after the BroadForward DRA, they have also chosen our STP, Firewalls and Number Portability, is a testament to the benefits that our converged platform brings, with an integrated approach for all core network signalling, including a clear growth path towards future 5G network functions.”