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The leading manufacturer of athletic clothing, accessories, equipment, and footwear in the world is Nike. Every athlete in the globe is meant to benefit from their mission to inspire and innovate. Athletes are anyone with a physical body.

There is no need to introduce Nike.

They have a strong global reputation and their brand is highly known.

The business had modest beginnings. Beginning in 1964, Nike was formerly known as Blue Ribbon Sports, which sold Japanese running shoes at track meets out of a car trunk.

After then, they began making their shoes, and they currently design, develop, and produce footwear, clothes, equipment, accessories, and services.

The corporation is based close to Beaverton, Oregon, and goes by the moniker Nike, which refers to the Greek goddess of triumph.

The brand alone has a value of more than $32 billion in 2020. Nike ranks in the top 100 Fortune 500 firms in terms of revenue.

What is the Nike affiliate program?

In exchange for a cut of the revenue when a sale is credited to you, the Nike affiliate program USA enables you to market their items on your website and other online assets. All product fulfillment, delivery, and customer service are handled by Nike.

As a Nike affiliate, all you must do is sell and then receive your commissions.

The Nike affiliate program USA offers commissions of up to 11%, which is substantial by industry standards.

How does the Nike affiliate program work?

Around the world, Nike has affiliate relationships with several reliable networks.

You may be led to the affiliate network associated with Nike in your region depending on where you live.

By employing personally monitored links on your websites, emails, and banner advertisements, you will be able to make money if you sign up for their program by referring sales to Nike.

When a user clicks on one of your tracking links to visit Nike, you are given credit for that user for 30 days, or until they make a purchase. You will be compensated for the order when one of your credits one within that period.

As a participant in this program, you’ll be working with one of the most well-known and respected companies in the world.


  • Earn 11% or more of all legitimate sales you refer.
  • 30 days for the cookie
  • full access to affiliate banners that are focused on specific categories
  • promotional materials specifically for Nike By You
  • Alternatives for automated product feeds
  • Frequent affiliate updates on new offerings, news, and goods Cool prizes for affiliate-run contests and campaigns

The Nike Affiliate Program’s benefits and drawbacks


  • Free to Join: The Nike affiliate program USA is simple to get started with.
  • All the artists you require: You should expect to find the banners, pictures, snippets, and other affiliate tools you need.
  • Dedicated Assistance You will have access to a management staff that is solely responsible for affiliates, so you can get all your questions professionally and swiftly answered.
  • Attractive Product Selection: Nike sells a wide range of goods, and as an affiliate, you can access many of them.
  • Tracking cookies for 30 days: Any orders placed by that consumer within thirty days on the Nike website will be awarded to you for referral sales.
  • Solid Nike has a solid international reputation, and customers enjoy doing business with it.


  • They Do Not Accept All: You might need to meet certain requirements to be permitted to promote the Nike affiliate program USA
  • Their products are not all commissionable: Certain products are excluded from the program.


There are no restrictions on how much money you can make working as a Nike affiliate.

Knowing the ideal things to promote that will appeal to your audience helps maximize income. The beautiful thing about affiliate marketing is that there is virtually no ceiling on how much money you can make. This model is performance-based.

Some of the best affiliate marketers earn millions of dollars a year by promoting Nike and other businesses online. Although affiliate marketing is getting more and more competitive, there is always potential for significant income.

Additionally, starting is simple. It’s clever and profitable to advertise Nike products through affiliates.


The sports and family-friendly websites are the ideal fit for this reliable affiliate program.

Since you’ll be working with a trustworthy business that provides high-quality goods, you shouldn’t anticipate many returns and chargebacks.

When it comes to reputation and quality, the Nike brand speaks for itself.


Nike is an excellent option if you’re wanting to increase the credibility of your website and earn passive money by selling high-quality goods with a low refund rate.

Although you won’t get the wide range of products that Amazon Associates offers, you will still get excellent support, a hefty 30-day cookie, and all the creatives you require to be successful.

How much money do Nike partners make?

It relies on their efforts and affiliate marketing abilities. Some people earn a few dollars each month, while others make hundreds.

Getting customers that are willing to spend a lot of money on Nike stuff on your email list is the key.

Once they are on your list, make sure to inform them of any new Nike products that might be of interest to them. Make sure they use your Nike affiliate links when they are ready to make a purchase.

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