What is Clenbuterol and how to take it correctly

Clenbuterol – popularly called maple – is not an anabolic steroid. Yes, it is worth announcing this fact right away, because some still manage to doubt it. In reality, maple belongs to the group of adrenomimetics, which act on the body and cause the excitation of beta-2-adrenoceptors. As a result, our sympathetic nervous system is activated by releasing adrenaline and noradrenaline. This triggers the process of fat reduction – lipolysis. It was discovered relatively recently, but quickly caught the attention of the sports community. Maple became popular and was used as a fat-burning agent. Clenbuterol has failed the test of anabolic effects. You can order the Clenbuterol for sale in our online sports shop.

The only thing is that it has an effect on fat burning and the maintenance of muscle mass, that is, it has an anti-catabolic effect. Therefore, Clenbuterol has entered the frequent practice of bodybuilders on a lean basis, as well as in those sports where it is important to stay within one’s weight class. On a low-carb diet, Clenbuterol proved to be a real escape for bodybuilders. Fats remain a powerful source of energy. The important thing is to make sure that the body oxidizes the fats, and in this our maple helps us. Clenbuterol can help you lose weight. The main purpose of Clenbuterol is the oxidation and conversion of fat into energy, the burning of fat and the preservation of muscle mass while reducing calories.

How to take Clenbuterol

There are several effective strategies for taking Clenbuterol. One of these is based on the drug’s half-life. In any case, you should start with a minimum dosage of 20mg and gradually increase according to your tolerance.

The first regime is presented as “two in two”. It is not difficult to guess that it is two days of recruitment and the same break period. Two days of work, two days of rest. This cycle can last up to two months. However, bodybuilders who perform are limited to 1-1.5 months before the shows. You start with a dosage of 20mcg and add 20mcg each time, evaluating how it feels. Hopefully, the maple dosage should be increased to 120 µg. If not, refrain from increasing and let the body adapt. Fat burning will happen anyway. In our online sports shop legal steroids online you can order anabolic products at the best price in Italy.

The second scheme looks like this. You start with 20 micrograms and increase the dose by 20 micrograms every day. On the 6th day we will increase the dosage to 120 micrograms. On days 6-12: 120 mcg. On the 13th day it will be 100 µg. Day 14 – 80 mcg. The graph shows that we increase the dosage to 120 mcg and drink maple for a total of 2 weeks, every day. At the end of the 2 weeks of Clenbuterol, it is necessary to take a break of the same duration. The cycle must then be repeated.

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