Using Push Notifications Without Annoying the Audience

Use Push Notifications to Grow Online Without Annoying Your Customers

In the last several years, more and more companies have started acknowledging the importance of technology and social media. From launching company apps, like Spectrum mobile billing , to spending money on influencer marketing, businesses have realized the potential of online entrepreneurship.

One of the latest features introduced on all social media platforms is Push Notifications. While some online entrepreneurs are already making good use of it, many have little idea of how to use it without spamming their audiences. However, if done right, this feature can help accounts grow by several folds!

What Is the Push Notifications Feature?

Through this feature, content creators and online businesses can get through to their audiences even if they are offline. In simpler words, if customers turn on Push Notifications for a particular account, they get notified every time it posts something. This helps audiences get quicker access to that content and allows creators to grow organically and monetarily.

3 Ways to Use Push Notifications to Growth Without Annoying the Audience

Customers don’t like getting annoyed with unnecessary or untimely notifications. Therefore, one has to be smart if they don’t want to be reported for spamming! So, here are three ways a business can grow with Push Notifications without annoying the audience:

#1. Make it Worth Their While

With so much variety and free online content, people don’t have to make an effort for anything anymore. Therefore, when a business asks them to turn on Push Notifications for their page or account, the customers’ immediately think about what’s in it for them?

Entrepreneurs need to make their content worth the effort; give them something that is not available for everybody. For example, customers love getting exclusive access to valuable information and product discounts. Different monetary and non-monetary benefits will give your audience an incentive. Otherwise, why should they be disturbed by a notification when they are off the platform? It has to be worth their time and energy!

#2. Understand the Audience

Knowing the target audience is very important if a business wants to grow on social media. This includes the interests, age groups, and location of the buying and non-buying audiences. Companies should access their customer analytics and insights on their page. For this, they can hire an expert who is more familiar with data and social media analysis.

After understanding where the customers come from, how old they are, and what they like, businesses can provide incentives that would spark the audience’s interest. This would help them optimize the push notifications accordingly. For example, food companies can identify where their customers are from and determine the target’s time zone. Then, they can send notifications for special deals and discounts around meal time in that area. This way, they would be sending notifications at the right time, the customer will be interested in what they have to say, and they will get more sales out of it.

Similarly, if the audience has a majority of school or office-going people, sending notifications during afternoon hours is most likely a waste. The target audience is busy then and will probably ignore whatever the business sends them. For them, morning or evening notifications will be more appropriate and get more attention.

#3. Personalized Ads

Ads are a foolproof way of monetizing Push Notifications and growing in terms of wealth! However, random, unoptimized ads won’t do; personalize the ads to make them effective. Customers love the personalization! In fact, they demand it. Hence, companies that recognize the likes and needs of their consumers and provide appropriate recommendations get a better response from their audiences. 

Businesses can access information about device types and locations to personalize advertisements and make them more targeted. Doing this ensures that the ads are more effective, grab the audience’s attention, and have desired effects on them. 

For example, if a food company has a majority of young students as their consumers, ads can be personalized using student-friendly offers. These special deals would be more affordable, and their hours would be around the same time as lunch breaks. Content marketing can also involve school and college-going kids to impact the viewers better.


Features like Push Notifications are seemingly minor updates on social media platforms. However, the sooner entrepreneurs realize their impact, the quicker they can utilize them for growth. Therefore, it is wise to stay up to date with these features and be quick to jump on the bandwagon. By using the tips and methods mentioned above, online pages can grow by several folds without getting reported as Spam!

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