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You can develop exceptional marketing campaigns when you have data at your fingertips. With the support of Omnicore Agency, you’ll be able to solve your most pressing business issues with unprecedented insight.

Landing pages can help you keep visitors on your site and convert them. Knowing who your visitors are and where they come from might help you create promotions. Based on actionable input, you may make decisions about your company.

When you set aside time for web analytics, you may have all of this and more in your hands.

What are you hoping to accomplish with analytics? The list goes on and on, but analytics is required if you use any of the following methods in your digital marketing strategy:

What are Web Analytics, exactly?

Any online business must be able to monitor the status of current activities at each stage to meet its long-term objectives. We can achieve this with the help of web analytics. Analytical technologies generate detailed reports that assist us in managing and optimizing your web projects. It is our obligation as a web analytics firm to give our clients the most up-to-date solutions accessible.

How Will We Use Your Data to Implement Web Analytics?

Our secret to success in web analytics service comes from following the industry-accepted methodology: Consultation, planning, execution, and optimization of analytics

Consulting on Analytics

You may have already deployed website analytics, or you may be unsure about its efficacy. Our web analytics experts will examine your present analytical procedures and gain a complete grasp of your company’s objectives. Our companies believe in laying solid foundations.


We research to uncover opportunities and develop new tactics to gather data relevant to your organization using information obtained through an analytical audit. Our web analytics firm excels at developing solid strategies.


Setting up a tracking code for your website, as well as parameters, custom dimensions, and goals indicated in the analytics project’s decision stage, are all part of this process. As part of our web analytics package, we explain why we do things the way we do them. Our company wishes to keep our clients informed about everything that is going on with their website. Our web analytics consultants are also client service professionals that will walk you through the entire process.


The ongoing digital and data analysis process that leads to action is examined and optimized. Our web analytics consultants review reports created by the analytical tool regularly to ensure that the data obtained is accurate and relevant to your business objectives. The same website analytics data is then shared with you to help you make more informed business decisions.

Why should you work with a web analytics firm?

Getting data from an analytics platform is simple. But website analysis is more than simply numbers—it’s figuring out how and why those numbers came to be, and what needs to be done to better them.

Furthermore, while website analytics solutions provide simple functionalities for receiving the most basic data, more complex metrics that will give you your most essential insights require the assistance of a knowledgeable specialist.

That is why working with a web analytics firm is critical. Your analytics specialist will not only correctly point you, but you will also have a piece of mind knowing that you are making the best decisions for your business.


Google Analytics is an essential tool for digital marketers. The importance of the information it offers cannot be emphasized. Having an analytics marketing agency set it up for you, such as Augurian, means that your business is being monitored and website analytics, such as:

  • Individual campaign results are being measured in real-time.
  • Data comparison and contrast over time
  • Measurement of consumer satisfaction
  • Maintaining conversion tracking


Keeping track of your campaigns is essential. It assesses the effectiveness of your marketing activities, notifies you if you are spending too much or too little money, and makes suggestions for improvement. Campaign tracking helps you save money while also ensuring that you’re on pace to meet your objectives.

The following are some of the key findings:

  • What kind of traffic does your campaign generate?
  • Scores for quality
  • The effectiveness of the landing page, the keyword, and the campaign
  • What is your conversion rate?
  • The amount of money raised by each campaign

A/B TESTING is a method of comparing two different ideas.

A/B testing is a method of determining which version of an online experience works best. Users are randomly exposed to the various variations, and the results are then assessed. This form of testing ensures beneficial outcomes such as:

  • User involvement has increased.
  • Bounce rates are reduced because of improved content.
  • Conversion rates are now higher.


You don’t have to be an analytics nerd since we are (thank you!) But we’re not simply data nerds; we also know how to promote and run a business. Our Google Analytics experts sift through your data for actionable information and transform it into actions your company can take right away.

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