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Cross Catholic Outreach is an official Catholic ministry that works with bishops, priests, religious, and laypeople to provide food, water, shelter, education, orphan care, medical care, microenterprise, and disaster relief to the poorest of the poor in more than 30 countries around the world—as well as the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This Cause’s Background

They are a Catholic organization that works with help partners to promote the poor’s self-sufficiency through a community-oriented aid strategy. They give not just financial and material resources to larger, more advanced partners, but they also perform the critical functions of monitoring, reporting, and financial accountability. They, in turn, provide the crucial grassroots connection to the community, which is critical for humanitarian relief delivery. Cross Catholic Outreach gives help through its existing initiatives to smaller scale or less advanced partners, such as needy church-based ministries. They can provide significant assistance where it is most needed since they have the essential community outreach to serve the impoverished.


True transformation occurs internally. Sharing the Gospel is necessary for physical transformation. To stop the poverty cycle, one must begin with the heart. “Holistic ministry” is a term that refers to the active union of word and deed. To see the Holy Spirit’s transformative power, we must share the Gospel’s hope and good news alongside our social work. Without the other, neither half of our ministry would be complete. Both must be addressed if we are to see meaningful progress and put an end to the epidemic of severe poverty. They’re a Catholic organization that helps the world’s poorest people overcome the cycle of poverty by directing aid through dioceses, parishes, and Catholic missionaries.

Cross Christian Outreach sponsors approximately 230 programs in dozens of nations throughout the world, focusing on disaster relief, education, food, housing, medical assistance, orphan and child care, clean water, and microenterprise. African, Asian, Caribbean, Central, and South American programs are all active.


We provide financial and material resources, as well as financial monitoring, reporting, and responsibility for larger, more sophisticated partners. Our partners, in turn, provide the critical grassroots connection to the community, which is critical for humanitarian aid delivery.

We provide help through their existing initiatives for smaller-scale partners, such as needy church-based ministries. As they have the essential community outreach to serve the needy, we can provide significant assistance where it is most needed.

They stay focused on the Lord in everything they do, serving with humility, zeal, and love while also promoting Catholic evangelism. They also collaborate with churches and other faith-based organizations to achieve maximum impact.

They are listed in the Official Catholic Directory as an official Catholic organization registered with the Diocese of Palm Beach in Florida.


Cross Catholic Outreach was founded in 2001 by President Jim Cavnar and a small group of colleagues to support existing parishes and ministries that serve the practical and spiritual needs of the impoverished in developing countries. Cross Catholic expanded from a few projects to a Vatican-approved lay charity with hundreds of millions of dollars in grants and products for poverty assistance in dozens of countries under his direction.


Cross Catholic Outreach President-Jim Cavnar

Jim Cavnar is a devout Christian who helped start Cross Catholic Outreach to fulfill Christ’s command to care for the lowest of the poor. Jim’s ministry leadership and management experience span more than four decades. He is a frequent speaker at churches and conferences across the United States, and he has traveled widely throughout the developing world.


The overhead at Cross Catholic Outreach is low:

95.25 percent of all costs are borne by Program Services.

4.75 percent of total expenses are accounted for by overhead costs.


What are the present programs of the organization, how do they assess success, and who do they serve?


Currently, hungry youngsters in impoverished countries are hoping for their next meal. You can respond to their cries for food as God’s tool of kindness. With your support, Cross Catholic Outreach will be able to distribute and fund thousands of meals through a global network of schools, orphanages, rescue centers, community-based missions, and local parishes. Help us feed the poorest of the poor in the name of Christ to fill empty bellies and mend wounded hearts.


At a Catholic boarding school, this project will provide daily meals and other assistance to physically handicapped and vulnerable youngsters.

This effort aims to educate disadvantaged youngsters while also providing emotional support.

Poor People’s Drinking Water

For impoverished rural areas suffering from thirst, waterborne illness, and a lack of modern infrastructure, this initiative will supply stable water supplies.

Your contribution might go toward the construction of a deep and secure well, the installation of a communitywide water system, or the maintenance or extension of an existing source.

Your donation could also help with water and health education. This allows communities to take control of their water supplies and ensure their long-term sustainability.

Mozambique’s Vulnerable Children

The HIV/AIDS catastrophe has left a terrible trail of orphans and sick, vulnerable inhabitants in the rural town of Impaputo. Furthermore, because most families rely on subsistence farming for sustenance, a prolonged drought has left many parents jobless and living in deplorable conditions. Through the Impaputo Day Care Center, the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood are reaching out to these youngsters.

Some facts to know

•The headquarters of Cross Catholic Outreach is in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

•The official website of Cross Catholic Outreach is

•The revenue of Cross Catholic Outreach is $5 million.

•There are 25 people employed by Cross Catholic Outreach.

•Cross Catholic Outreach makes use of Google Analytics, Modernizr, jQuery, and Just Host.


Their donors’ intentions are rigorously honored at Cross Catholic Outreach. The money raised is only used for the project for which it was raised. If more money is received than is needed for a project, it will be used to satisfy the most pressing requirements.

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