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Every major corporation, organization, business, or social media platform has its logo and mascot in today’s modern world. They’ve evolved into a one-of-a-kind manner of representing their organization, ensuring that anyone can recognize it simply by looking at its logo or mascot.

Now that we understand how informative a logo or mascot is, we’ll discuss the Reddit logo, including its creation, who developed it, and what it represents.

Snoo is the name given to the Reddit mascot and iconic alien. It looks like a white figure with an antenna and red-orange eyes.

Reddit snoo Logo went neutral without its orange tint to try a monochromatic color scheme to demonstrate genuine solidarity with the US’s “Black Lives Matter” campaign. The current Reddit trademark is a genderless mascot known as Snoo, with the brand’s name in big lowercase characters next to it.

The mascot had a white oval head, ears, antenna, and orange eyes and mouth, which most people think were alien features. The letter I in its black lowercase wordmark is orange. In September 2020, the Reddit logo, which was scribbled in a notebook during a boring marketing lecture, had 1.5 billion visitors, making it one of the world’s most famous social brand ambassadors.

Reddit snoo is the fifth most frequented social networking mobile app in the United States (Reddit, 2020) and the seventh globally, with around 2.2 million subreddits (Reddit Metrics, 2020). It is currently one of the most prominent traffic generators for businesses.

All the company’s products and above-the-line marketing collaterals—internet, television, radio, and billboards—feature Snoo, the famed alien. It’s also on promotional items for the corporation.

Evolution of the Reddit Logo

The mascot is a cute alien named Snoo instead of S’new (which means something new) who goes by the handle kn0thing. Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit, was inspired to draw the alien picture that has become one of the most popular social networking trademarks in a dull marketing class at the University of Virginia in 2005.

He transferred the sketch from his notepad into a digital format at home, using an old jailbroken PlayStation Portable 5.0 Console. A graphic artist later gave the character a professional facelift, and it became the official Reddit logo.

From 2005 till 2017, the first official Reddit mascot

The mascot of Reddit is composed of two main elements: a wholly alien and the lower-case wordmark of the site’s name. An antenna, an oval head, semi-circular ears, and circle eyes identify the iconic mascot: It also has a mouth, arms, and legs, as well as a semi-oval body.

The antenna’s identity is that of an alien from some other planet. The mascot is all white with a black outline and orange eyes, and it is neither male nor female. This company’s first mascot lasted over twelve years.

2017 to Present: The Second Official Reddit Mascot

In 2017, a redesign was performed to give the mascot a more modest appearance. All the pieces were taken, leaving only the head. The mascot is still clothed in white with an orange mouth and eyes, framed in an orange circle. The wordmark shrank in size, and the circle above the I became orange instead of white as it had been in the previous logo.

The Reddit Logo’s Relevance

Since its introduction in 2005, the Reddit mascot has only undergone a slight adjustment. Its revenue has increased due to its consistency in appearance across all marketing channels.

The astronomical surge in daily visits, active users, and growing trends in its communities has been ascribed to its minimalist outlook and pleasant, all–smiling mascot.

The owners allow Redditors (users) to customize the mascot’s appearance to make them feel like they’re on Reddit. Nevertheless, there are some restrictions, such as keeping the head white and the eyes orange.

It’s a fantastic method for enabling Redditors to form a personalized connection with the company while still communicating its essential values.

Elements of Reddit Logo Design

Despite its close resemblance to the original, the current Reddit logo lacks several of the original’s graphic elements. The body, arms, legs, and black outline are included. The current design is still eye-catching, recognizable, and minimalist with these components removed.

The Shape and Symbols Of The Reddit Logo

The Reddit Antenna: The Reddit logo was designed to be an abstract human being whose gender is unclear. The mascot’s long antenna on its head, on the other hand, emphasizes that it possesses alien characteristics such as the ability to travel through time. With this, most people agreed that Snoo is an extra-terrestrial.

The Circle: The circle, in its numerous styles, makes up the bulk of the Reddit logo, including the head, eyes, ears, antenna tip, torso, and even the orange background. The circle symbolizes infinity and movement, making it an ideal symbol for a social networking company that facilitates communication among individuals and communities.

The Line: The short line that portrays the mascot’s mouth is important for bringing the Reddit logo to life. Because of this single line, the mascot seems to be smiling, expressing friendliness, and wishing to associate with others.

Typography on Reddit:

The recognition, memorability, readability, and scalability of a brand rely on its personality. Moreover, Reddit snoo font selection fulfills all the requirements for a successful logo. The official Reddit font is bold and has rounded edges to emphasize unity and community.

Even though the official wordmark is all lowercase, it took a lot of effort and tinkering to get it right. There are nearly five different versions of Alexis Ohanian’s manuscript from 2005. The five alien mascots appeared in uppercase letters: three in the middle and two on the sides.

Mr. Alexis finally decided on a lowercase wordmark with the mascot on the left. The Reddit mascot logo is easily recognizable, readable, memorable, versatile, and timeless when all these graphic elements are integrated.

Taking Down the Curtains

The origins of the Reddit logo are a story about remaining productive no matter what your circumstances are. It reminds everyone that lowly beginnings must be treasured, pursued with zeal, and utilized in every way possible.

Like its friendly mascot, the Reddit snoo platform is available to anyone who wants to have a voice and a position on it. In less than two decades, it went from a failed idea to a modest bulletin board to one of the social networking giants, paying close attention to your clients, your logo, and having a contingency plan for potential threats.

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