FAC refers to Facebook that is a platform for bridging people from different places having different backgrounds at a same level. This is one of the astounding inventions that brought revolution in social media in the terms of linking. This is veracious that there are several sources to get connect with dear ones but still Facebook has its own pros that are invincible as this can be used for numerous purposes. Now Facebook is not just a chat room as users are accessing this for their earnings and promoting their business through it. Along with that it has become a hub for marketing without cutting pockets. If seen with an eagle eye Facebook has endless uses that can bring into play by anybody to execute their own plans.

How FAC Has Bring Revolution?

Facebook is not just a gossip section but a social networking website and has a wider scope rather than chit chat. From its initial stage till now, users had utilized it in numerous ways in order to satisfy their needs. And this has to be agreed that Facebook brought revolution in everyone’s life by alleviating the distance of communication. Following discussion will justify well that how FAC is productive and revolutionary for everyone.

  1. Bridge Distance of Communication

Facebook has connected everyone under a single roof and made the world too small to connect online. Earlier that was so hard to create new networks or make new friends but with the advent of Facebook communication has become so convenient and cheap. Due to which everyone feels free to indulge in creating new connections spread across the world. This has made the communication faster, inexpensive and effortless for its users.

  • Platform for Online Business

This is the revolutionary element of Facebook because earlier it was used for the communication purpose but later on people started using it for doing online business. Many small business owners have achieved a lot with the help of it as this serves free marketing option. And business owners can expand their business online without paying any money and reach numerous customers spread globally & earn well.

  • Information Hub

Facebook has become a platform of spreading information as people are now taking it as a medium of exchange of thoughts. Also, many groups or authorized pages are there on Facebook where productive information like news, history or some current issues etc. are shared. This helps the person enhance their knowledge and skills along with that update them with the current issues.

  • In Budget Marketing Strategy

Also, one of the astonishing facts about Facebook that one can use it for marketing and that can be done either free of cost or paying less amount of money. This has motivated many small-scale business enterprises to come ahead and explore more in order to expand their business. One can build a strategy of marketing and implement it through Facebook and can enjoy amazing results out of it.

  • Brand Building & Awareness

With the advent of Facebook one can build the image of their brand among their targeted audience along with that they can spread awareness in regard to such brand. This has helped many to reach high level just by using it for the marketing of their products by posting and sharing the pictures of their products. This has been a trend setter for the business owners because this really productive and give output in real.

  • Education Become Fascinating

Now especially during covid Facebook helps a lot to the teachers to make education & learning simple for their students. As offline classes were impossible to attend during pandemic but education can never be compromised. So, at that time Facebook act as mediator between tutors and the students due to which education became fascinating and even more interesting. Also, teacher can make attractive videos to educate their students that they can save in their mobiles or laptops forever and can watch them anytime & anywhere. This has enhanced the level of education and makes it even more effective.

  • Engross Productive Customers

Business owners can use Facebook for online marketing by which they can engross the target audience by adopting right strategy without wasting money. This helps them to grab more customers in short span of time spread across the world but without compromising with the money. And if there are customers there will sales which brings revenue and the main motive of earning can be achieved which is the utmost priority of every business owner.

  • Useful For Job Placement & Hiring

Also, Facebook can be used by the companies to hire people for the vacancies they have in their company. Company can post adds on their page along with the required details and share it with the target audience through which the right person can be placed for the right job. This saves the cost of hiring and along with that makes the process of recruitment faster as well as convenient. On the other side the job seekers can fin jobs matching to their skills and qualification. Thus, employment can be served with the help of Facebook.

  • Ease For Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become a part & parcel of the businessman’s life and Facebook like a gem gives shine to this also. As one can use Facebook as a source of digital marketing and perform SEO function in order to rank high in the searches. That will ultimately increase their customers views that brings more lead generation so that maximum sales can be done in order to earn maximum profits.

  1. Advertisements via Audio-Visual Aids

Another facility avail to the Facebook users is that they can perform advertisement not only by posting pictures or written content but along with that advertisement can be performed via audio-visual aids. One can create an attractive presentation that elaborates the key features of business as well as their products and post them on Facebook. By doing that they can remain in the minds of viewers for longer as the visual memories are strongest.

Conclusion From the above discussion it can be concluded that FAC brought revolution in the life of its users as earlier people were not able to communicate so easily. But with the advent of Facebook communication has become easier and along with that it has made education, business promotion, brand building, digital marketing and everything relating to social media so convenient and easy. Today one can access the business on his or her smartphone and Facebook is one of the sources that made it possible

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