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Reddit Old refers to old version of Reddit as the new version of it is the mobile version where as the old version of Reddit can be accessed by downloading via desktop. This is true the new version of Reddit is the advanced one but still many of the users are sticked to the old version. The reason behind sticking upon the Reddit old is the easy accessing and may be their habits does not allow them to turn on the other lane. There is a contradiction among all the users that whether the old version is more easily accessible or the new as both of them have their pros and cons. So, the user has to decide on its own as per the convenience and way of accessing the app as every user can have their own opinion according to their choice and preference.

How To Decide Reddit Old is Convenient or Not?

There is no science rule that whether one should go for Reddit old or not as this can be dependent as per their own choice and opinion. But before choosing, one can go through the pros and cons of it by which they can easily analyse whether they should go for it or not. This will make them decide the right way after reading the following given pros and cons of the old version old Reddit.

  • Pros of Reddit Old
  • Easy Access

The users that are already accessing the older versions or even the users that are tend to use the new version of Reddit both find the old version easily accessible. The user finds it more convenient as the old version is far better as there is very easy to access the comments or posts as this does nor stick to the previous page by just clicking or scrolling. Old version of Reddit has proved to be more comfortable for the users due to which the users are preferring it even after having the new version of Reddit.

  • No Glitch & Switch Between Mobile or Desktop

The best thing about the old version of Reddit is that the users does not get bothered due to the glitches or switches between mobile and desktop. This makes it more useful as well as comfortable for the users as they find it smoother to operate the older version of Reddit. This gives them the access without hindrance or obstacles that enhance the experience of using the app due to which many users intend to use the older version of Reddit.

  • Vintage Feel

This can be one of the interesting parts of the older version of Reddit as the users experience the vintage feel while accessing Reddit. This is due to the layouts of the app as well as the design of the page and the profile picture display lay out. All these things make the older version of Reddit look more loyal and appealing and many users are attracted to it due to this amazing fact of Reddit old and make them stick to it even after having the new version of it.

  • Convenience While Navigating

Also, at the night time of navigation the old version of Reddit provides more convenience that makes is it more voguish for its users. The easy navigation makes the users feel the old Reddit a better version to access and easier also. This is also very much comfortable for the users as this saves their time as well as efforts and make them attracted towards the Reddit old.

  • More Individual Sub Designs

Many of the users are obsessed with the old version of Reddit due to the fact the sub designs of the Reddit old is much more individual as compared to the latest version of Reddit. The users find it more appealing as they are used to of the layout and feel this more comfortable as well as convenient to access it. Along with that it looks more suitable to the users as they are using it from so long time.

  • Cons of Reddit Old
  • Vulnerabilities

Though there are number of benefits of using the older version of Reddit but along with that it has some disadvantages too that makes it very hard to handle. One of them are the vulnerabilities faced by the users that means still it has some issues with its quality as the new version has developed in order to cover those issues. But the old version is that not updated and has very issues that makes the accessing less luxurious and there is a need of upgradation to it. As these vulnerabilities can be a big hurdle and make the user loose interest from Reddit.

  • Software Bugs

One of the major issues with the old version of Reddit are the software bugs that alleviates the experience of user. This also irritates the user while accessing the app as it slows down the process of working with the app and along with that it also troubles the whole experience. Due to this many errors also get arise by which the invalid results came out of it and the user have to bear the consequences due to this. Therefore, the new version was availed to the users in order to make them enjoy a better experience.

  • Can’t See Deleted Posts & Comments

In the new version of Reddit, the user can see the deleted post or comment made by the other user. But there is no such option of viewing the deleted posts or comments on the older version of Reddit. This is not a big deal but many users find it a disadvantage because may be, they need to see such post because of some reason. But Reddit old does not allow them to do the same and due to this, it is one of the cons of the old version of Reddit.

Wrapping Up

From the above the user can easily compare both the sides of Reddit old in order to make a right decision whether this is a convenient option or not. Reddit old is like a coin as the coin has two sides, Reddit old also has two sides one is its pros and the other are the cons. The user has to decide it usability as per the characteristics of old version of Reddit and analysing whether this satisfies their needs or not. Also, this totally depends on the opinion of different persons that whether the Reddit Old is a better option for them or not.

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