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Welcome to Facebook refers to first log in page in order to access the Facebook app. A user can either use this page either to log in to his or her existing Facebook account or to create a new account. At this page user will have to enter his or her Log in ID & Password in the given columns thereafter he or she can access his or her account. And sometimes if a user forgets his or her Facebook account password, then there is an option named Forget Password via which one can regenerate new password by entering some required details. These details are required for the purpose of confirming that whether the account is being accessed by the right user or someone else is trying to access the account.

What is next after Welcome to Facebook?

There are some options available after a user click the option Welcome to Facebook that can be used to further access Facebook. This page is the start to the Facebook and avails many options by which any user can access it in different ways as per the need and desire. This is very productive and fast sort of creating & using networks. Following are some of the options available on the page and different uses of Facebook.

  1. Log in To Facebook Account

The basic option that is provided on the page is to log in to one’s Facebook account. This is the first step to access Facebook and for that one has to enter his or her login ID & Password. After entering log in ID & Password one has to enter the required captcha and after that click on log in button there after the home page of account on Facebook will get open. There the user can access his or her account and use various other options available in order to enjoy the available services.

  • Create a New Facebook Account

Here at this page, there is another option of creating a new Facebook account. As this not only provides the facility of opening an existing account but also provides the option of creating one. This page is the beginning of accessing Facebook but along with that it comes out with various other option. To create a new Facebook account, one has to enter various details that is necessary for the authenticity of account as well as the security of the account holder.

  • Option of Forgot Password

Also, if any user forgot his or her Facebook account password, then there is option under this page named as Forgot Password. By clicking the option, a page gets open where one has to enter the required details. These details are asked just to confirm whether the user is genuine or someone else is trying to hack the account. Once the required details are filled correctly the user is given the option to generate ne password so that he or she can access his or her account further without any hindrance.

  • Can Make New Friends

After log in the account, one has to send friend requests to the persons he or she wants to communicate or get connected. The main use of this app is to make connections and get social with the new people and for this one has to either send the friend request or accept the request send by the other. Here one can get active socially and make networks in order to use them for different purposes as per their choice. This is like a multi-purpose as well as a multi-dimensional app for the users as it can be used in numerous ways according to the wish of the user.

  • Useful For Online Business

The Facebook are not just limited to chit chats as one can use it to do online business. As one can make a page on Facebook where the pictures and required details of the product can be uploaded. There the potential can see the products and contact to the seller in order to buy such product. One can also use this to promote the already existing offline business by doing online advertisements or sharing information about the products and other required details. This can be a free of cost option for making advertisements.

  • Create Social Groups or Networks

Also, the user can use Facebook to create social groups or networks that can be used by them for spreading any productive information that can be useful for them. And along with that they can create some networks with the help of which they can fight against any social issue and collectively raise their voice. Also, these groups can be created for some entertainment purpose or someone can make these groups for education purpose also. There can be endless uses for this and one can use it as per the need as well as wish.

  • To Spread Product Content & Information

Creating a Facebook account is not just for making friends or having fun as one can create account to spread relevant content or any useful information. As one can indulge in some social group or can create one by which the information can spread to large number of audiences frequently. This will make the information reach faster across the world by which can solve its purpose of spreading relevant information. Also, with the help of this one can get famous if the information spread is reliable and relevant as per the needs of the audience.

Wrapping Up From the above discussion it can be concluded that one can access Facebook via Welcome to Facebook and further there are various options of creating new account or how to tackle one forgot his or her password. Also, this is can be helpful to get social, spread productive information and one can use it to expand, promote, build business. This is a free of cost sort od advertisement where information can be spread rapidly across large number of

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