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Google Digital Garage refers to a programme initiated by the Google in order to make people provide with different online courses through different online sources. This helps the people in gaining the skills to become a successful data engineer but without charging any money from them. As this is a non-profit program and along with that it also provides the certificate to its students those have completed any of the course via any online sources being run by Google. This has proved to be very useful as many can find new jobs after joining it and few those are already employed can upgrade their level of knowledge in order to use them for further. Thus, Google Garage has made skill learning efficient & effective and possible for anyone or everyone as this does not charge any penny from people.

How is Google Digital Garage benefiting its users?

Google Garage is helping many people in grooming their skills in order to become a data engineer with the advent of several courses that are provided by them to their students online spread all across the world. Following are some of the points that will justify the usefulness of this program.

  • Free of Cost

The amazing fact about this programme is that it is free of cost due to which anyone can apply for it. This is very beneficial for the students as they can join it without paying anything and get employed with the help of this. Also, small scale business also gets benefited by upgrading their knowledge and skills & use the same for development of their business. This can be proved very beneficial to every person whether rich or poos as this will not hamper the budget of any person.

  • Benefit of Certification

Also, there is benefit of certification under this programme as everyone will get certificates for any course they complete under this programme. This can help them in getting various new jobs as they have a proof of what they have attained and they can add in their portfolio in order to get more & more job opportunities.

  • Helps in Upgrading Skills to be Data Engineer

The courses available under this program not only benefit the new job seekers but it also helps the existing one to get their skills upgraded. So, that they can enhance their knowledge and find the right direction to become a successful data engineer. There are several numbers of courses available like some basic one or some advance courses that can be joined as per the requirement.

  • Helps in Getting New Jobs

Users are entitled to get certified for the course they have joined which they can use to apply for the jobs. These certificates are like the proof of their achievements which when added to the portfolio can make them earn money and get employed. Thus, the program is helpful in spreading employment and making people earning.

  • Specifically Created Training Plans

The courses that are being provided by this program are specifically plan in such a manner that one can gain the knowledge in a systemised way without any confusion. Anyone can learn new skills with the help of these online courses as these courses provides basic as well as advanced knowledge of any topic relating to data engineering. It has made learning so easy, effective as well as convenient due to which many people are tend to choose these courses for upgrading their skills.

  • Online Video Lectures for Better Explanation

The courses are very well formulated as there are number of online video lectures available for every topic. And along with that it comes with various tests, quizzes, assignments and other ways to make these courses more interesting and learning for its users. So, that they grab maximum knowledge & gain better understanding in regard to any topic and apply them in their real life in order to earn money.

  • Number of Courses Available

There are several numbers of courses that are available under this programme according to the need & desire of the candidate. They can choose them accordingly and enjoy the maximum benefit from it as they are specific training plans to give the right direction of learning to their users. All courses are available online with different video lectures, quizzes, tests and assignments to build better knowledge of the topic to them.

  • Learn By just Sitting at Homes

One can gain knowledge and get the courses done just by sitting at home under this program as this program provides free online lecture videos that anyone can operate at their own laptops or computers and there is no need to go anywhere. This is like a school at your home by which everyone can get knowledge just by joining it and watching online video lectures on it.

Wrapping Up

To conclude it can be said that Google Digital Garage is a non-profit programme that provide various free online courses to its users in order to upgrade their skills to become a successful data scientist. Also, there is benefit of certification by which one can apply for jobs and get employment. There are specified training plans and number of courses being available by the programme in order to make it explained in the best possible way. So, that candidates can enjoy the maximum benefit out of it and become a successful data engineer.

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