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American Marketing Association refers to a non-profit organisation that was started in 1947 with the aim of promoting education among the marketing professionals. It has 30,000 members, 76 professional chapters and 250 chapters of collegiate. This also work for the personal as well as professional development of career of professionals of marketing. This is responsible for advancing ethical as well as science practice of the disciplines of marketing. The organisation creates the interest of the candidates among education and along with that encourage them to involve more in the gaining more knowledge in the context g marketing. This is a very essential organisation in order to make the candidates build better skills in the context of marketing. AMA is spreading marketing expertise knowledge in a better way among the whole world.

Benefits of Being a Member Under American Marketing Association

Getting membership under AMA comers with various advantages as this is an authorised organisation and work professionally as per the rules and regulations. Following are some of the other advantages that can be enjoyed by the person who is a member under the organisation American Marketing Association.

  • Adequate Training

A person is getting membership under AMA receives a lot of benefits in the whole process of the marketing course. So, one of the basic benefits that he or she is getting under AMA is that a person will get training under the leaders on various national as well as local events being organised by AMA. And not only that the candidate will get a special offers and discounts while attending that particular event that is being organised by AMA. A normal candidate is also eligible to get that training done under the leaders but at the full cost as only the members will get the special discounts for that.

  • Proper Certification Process

Also, the members of AMA will get a proper certification that will highlight their membership done with AMA. And with the help of such membership, they can get special discounts up to 30% on the total cost of the various courses relating to Sales management, Marketing management, Content Marketing and many more. By this they get knowledge by spending less as compared to the other candidates as the other candidates those are not a member of AMA are not entitled to any special discount or offer.

  • Discounts & Offers

As the members are entitled to enjoy special discount on the total cost of various courses as well as the certification. The benefit of membership does not end here as the members get great deals as well as special discounts for various services such as credit card processing, Car rentals, shipping of UPS, hotel rooms and many more. The other candidates have no such privilege to get such discount that AMA offers to its members. Thus, being a member under AMA can saves a lot of money and gives a lot of advantages to its members.

  • Members are Provided with Toolkits

Also, the members of AMA are provided by the toolkits of marketers that involves various webinars as well as required templates. And members can demand for such webinars online and also, on special demand they can avail such services. The normal candidates are not provided with any special on-demand webinars service as they have to attend the webinars that are organised by the AMA simply for everyone. Not any special facilities are provided for the normal candidates that are being enjoyed by the members of AMA.

  • Professional Knowledge & Expertise

The members of AMA are supposed to attend webinars online or even specially on demand along with that they can attend various seminars under the leaders thar are organised by the AMA. Thus, all these facilities make them learn under the expertise of the professional and whatever they learn will be under the supervision of experts that increases the productivity of the total learning process. And the special discounts that the members are entitled to received for acquiring such services is like an icing on the cake and makes them feel more special.

  • Advance Practice of Marketing Disciplines

AMA also provides the facility to its members to get their advance ethical as well as science practice done for the disciplines of marketing. This can be done by the members by spending less amount than others as they will get special discounts on the advance courses that they are desiring to do. As the normal students are not supposed to get such discounts but they can get those advance courses done by paying the full cost amount. Thus, this makes it more special for the members of AMA to get such special discounts and exclusive offers on the courses.

  • Members are Given Journals

The members of AMA are also provided with various journals of the organisation or related to some other relevant information. These journals are very helpful for them to get more awareness about the AMA and along with that they get a digital access to the academic journals of the AMA organisation that makes it more convenient for them to access those journals.

Wrapping Up

From the above discussion it can be concluded that how American Marketing Association is like a boon for the candidates those who are entitled to learn marketing professionally across the whole world. And especially the members those enjoy carious benefits like special discounts and offers on the training, simple and their advance courses. Also, they can enjoy seminars, webinars and other special training under the leaders online and even on special demand. Not only that they are provides with marketers’ toolkit and journals that are very helpful for them to acquire better knowledge but at special discounts.

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