privacy polcy of ns digital world


NS Digital Word intend to protect the privacy of the viewers using the website and along with that it protects the information collected from the different audience with the help of its described privacy policies under the website

These Privacy Policies applied to the following:

  • Information Collected by the Website

This privacy policy applied to the information that is being collected by the website that means if the information is collected from any specific source or any person then, the website is intent to reveal that particular source of information like name, postal address, telephone number, email address and any other sort of identity has to be mentioned by the website in order to maintain the transparency and avoid any sort of unethical action.

  • Information Provided to the website

Also, the website under its privacy policy is required to protect the information that the customers add to it. As this blogging site is a paid site the website is to protect the rights of the customers that using this website to do blogging. As they are required to mention the complete details regarding their blog on the website. And even the name and other information of the blogger that is required by the website also has to be mentioned by the blogger. The personal information of the blogger will remain private to the website and only that information that is supposed to be revealed by the website will only be disclosed. But the information that is provided by the bloggers on to the website will not be shared by anyone until and unless the user is authorized as per the norms of the website.

  • How the website will use the information that is either collected or provided?

The information that is provided to or collected by the website is used to:

  1. Present the content or information on the website
  2. Fulfil the purpose of providing valuable blogs to the audience
  3. Provides the productive information or other sources with the medium of various blogs.
  4. Provide knowledge about the amendments that are being made by the websites
  5. Utilize the information in the favor of general public and the users of the website
  6. To invite more people to participate in order to interact on the website
  7. To fulfil all the obligations and secure the rights of the users of the websites

Changes made to the Privacy Policy

It is the policy of the website to make any sort of amendments in regard to the page on the website. But the website is obligated to update the viewers regarding that particular change made along with the date when that change was done with the complete information regarding that change on the website

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