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Google Algorithm Update 2022 refers to that updates being made by the google to make the search made by the users even better. Everyone Google make new amendments in their browser to improve itself as well as the service provided by them in order to satisfy the increasing demands of the users of the Google. Just like that Google has made a lot of updates in their programming, processing and presentation to provide a better experience to their users. Basically in 2022 google has work on its page experience and has come with some advance facilities to ensure the better experience with google. Following discussion will curate with the updates made in 2022 in regard to the Google Algorithm.

Google Algorithm Update 2022 Relating to Page Experience

Page experience is related to the value and worth of any website in the view point of its users that means how productive and convenient it was for any user to user the website and what was the experience gain via it. Also, page experience includes the page speed, engagement by the audience and usability of the site. Following are the various ways to determine the page experience.

  • Page Speed Criteria: Criteria that is set by Google in the updates of 2022 is equal to or less than 2.5 seconds for the loading purpose. The speed criteria have to be followed as this keep an impact on the ranking of that website as per the new amendments made in Google algorithm 2022.
  • Secured Browsing Experience: Also, this is must to provide a safe as well as secure browsing by every website on google to their valuable users in order to get a good ranking by the google as per the current updates made in the google algorithm 2022.
  • Stability in Visual Layout: In order to get a good rating for any website as per the updates made in the 2022 google algorithm, 0.1 Cumulative Layout Shift score is the minimum criteria for giving the good experience for any user.
  • Engagement and Interaction: The minimum requirement to satisfy the google algorithm 2022, is to have 100 Milliseconds First Input Delay at least to be considered as sufficient.
  • Mobile Friendliness: As everyone is using smartphone in this era so, it is must to have a mobile friendliness as this is not possible to access devices like laptops or computers anytime and anywhere. But they can use mobile phones due to which the websites have to ensure the experience on mobile phones as convenient as other devices.
  • Security in Https Encryption: Also, in 2022 the google will add the criteria of the secured https encryptions in order to provide ranking to the websites’ owners due to which the users will feel even more secure and safe while serving through the google websites.
  • No useless Pop-Up advertisements: Now google in 2022 will ensure that there will be no intrusive intervals that are not actually need by the users but they have to see them while browsing via various websites. By these updates google will keep an eye on the useless advertisements pop ups so that the users can enjoy the smooth usage of serving without any hindrances.

All above mentioned points are the different ways that evaluate the page experience and accordingly google will give the rating to the websites as per the Google Algorithm Updates 2022.

How Google Algorithm Update 2022 Affecting Everyone?

The new ranking system is affecting in a positive way to the users as well as the website owners. But both of them are having different experience which can be illustrated in detail in the following discussion.

  • Affect ON the Audience

The users or the audience seems to be happier or more satisfied as per the current google updates as by this, they are enjoying a better experience with better speed and many other facilities that is attracting them even more towards this. Websites got their rank down if they are not supposed to provide the better experience to the users due to which the users are enjoying better experience as websites owners are now forced to improve their services to survive for the longer duration of time. Also, the new updates have made the loading time less for the websites in order to be in a good ranking via which the users are now relief of useless waiting or time wastage. So, the affect is in a very positive way for the users or viewers by the updates made by the google in 2022.

  • Affect ON Website Owners

On the other side if the website owners are considered then, there will be more strict criteria for them to be followed in order to be on a good ranking by the google in 2022.    But this improves their work capabilities due to which they could attract more viewers but also there will be a lot of botherations for them in order to satisfy every single update that is settled by the google. Also, when these updates of 2022 brought by google was applied 1 billion websites lose their ranking as they were not supposed to satisfied the better page experience criteria settled by the google. So, there is mixed sort of situation for the owners of the websites in 2022 as they are supposed to do work with more perfection.

Wrapping Up

It can be concluded with the above discussion that Google Algorithm Update 2022 has come with the providence of better page experience. Like always google has made an effort towards the improvement of their services and even the users are feeling that experience too. Though there will be restrictions for the websites owners but this will improve them and their working that will benefit them also in the end. So, these new updates are like a boon for the users of google in terms of their search experience as there will be no compromise in terms of service by the google in 2022.

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