Social Media Coordinator is that person who is responsible for creating as well as editing the video, written and also the photographic content in such a way in such a way that it looks attractive and appealing to the related audience. Along with that the Social Media Coordinator attends the various seminars, events and other program in order to give some live content on to the social media with the purpose of creating the brand image of the company and enhance more and more customers for the company as well. Also, with the help of marketing team the coordinator can prepare a schedule with which a step-by-step process can be created for doing marketing of the particular company or any of its product via social media.

Functions Of Social Media Coordinator

A social media coordinator has a lot of responsibilities in his or her shoulder and curate with many of the key functions of the company like marketing and many more. Also, it performs many other functions that helps in building brand image of a company and generating more sales leads for it. Following discussion will define it in better way.

  • Create Attractive Content

The maim and crucial task of any Social Media Coordinator is to create or sometimes edit a content whether it is in an audio-video form. Pictorial form or in a written form. The job of the coordinator is to make the content attractive as well as appealing in such a way that it attracts more and more customers towards the company. But along with that the content has to be informative, precise and useful to the customers.

  • Work for Getting More Customers

All of the efforts that are being made by the coordinator should directed towards the creating of more leads and making more loyal customers for the company that will direct benefit in making more and more profits. This can be done by taking help of marketing team or by creating amazing content and arranging events or seminars to deliver some live content in order to grab more attention of the customers towards the organization.

  • Build Company’s Brand Image

The coordinator is also very responsible for building the brand image of the company on and by the help of social media. This is one of the basic functions as the customers will come only if the company has goodwill. Making attracting content us useless until and unless the customers have trust on the company as the company has a bad image among the audience then, no one will show any interest in buying any product from it. So, the coordinator has to keep the company on the top of the market by making the desired efforts.

  • Track Web Traffic and maintain SEO

Also, the Social Media Coordinator has to track the web traffic in order to make actions on the social media at the right time. As without knowing the right time to do marketing all of the efforts can go waste. This is not that easy to survive on social media as the coordinator has to be very perfect with the Social Engine Optimization as well in order to properly utilize the keywords for keeping itself in more numbers of google searches made by the customers.

  • Change With the Changing Social Media Trends

It can be very dangerous if the organization is not working for its development and not keeping itself update with the changing trends on digital media. So, the coordinator has this duty to amend its working pattern as per the new changing trends on the social media in order to save the company from getting shut down. As the customers are way much educated and up to date with the latest trend and for any company to survive for long has to cop up with those trends.


From the above discussion it can be concluded that the Social Media Coordinator is the one who is responsible for marketing and promotional functions of the company. Also, the coordinator has some very crucial duties which curates with the survival of the company and making it the top of the market to attract more customers and earn more profits.

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