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Experience Icon refers to the pictorial or graphical form of representation of the experience gained by a particular candidate. In most of the cases the employees or any candidate used the alphabetic form of representing their work experience but to make it more effective as well as attractive candidates are nowadays using the various forms of experience icon. This helps them to make it different from the other candidates along with that it makes the viewer an easy task to keep it remembered for a longer time. Also, it is very easy to understand a graphic form of information instead of reading big paragraphs and detailed forms of data.

Why Experience Icon necessary?

  • Recognize At a Glance

This is a big advantage of opting for the Experience Icon instead of using the simple old ways because this way of representation makes it easier to recognize at first glance. As the viewer can easily judge just by seeing it that what a candidate is supposed to say about his/her experience. This feature of icons makes it even more likely to be accepted by the audience and makes it more useful for everyone.

  • No Language Barrier

Also, it is obvious that there will be no language barriers in the case of graphs, images or icons as it is commonly said that one image is equal to 1000 words. Thus, it can be easily judged by every person even having different languages and also, it can be understood by everyone very easily without taking the help of any translator.

  • Compact Form for Information

 Experience Icon is a sort of information that is very compact, precise yet complete in itself. Of-course information regarding someone’s experience can be judged by some alphabetic or commonly used way of presentation but by using the icons the information becomes more precise and understandable for the viewers. This makes it very much beneficial for the candidate and the viewer in their own ways.

  • Easily Grab the Viewers’ Attention

It becomes very easy to grab the attention of the viewers with the help of these Experience Icon as they are very compact, precise as well as easy to understand them in a one-go move. As everyone knows that visual memories are the strongest due to which these icons are easy to remember and use in daily life. Also, these icons are retained for longer which becomes an advantage for a particular candidate.

  • Tool Of Marketing

Also, with the advent of these icons, one can do marketing by representing their experience online in a compact as well as informative ways. They can use it like a tool and promote themselves and create a good brand image among the viewers as by showing an portfolio full of experience can attract more viewers and grab more share of the market and ultimately can be proved to be a boon for the candidate.

Problem While Using Experience Icon

  • Can be Manipulative

Sometimes the candidate can do some manipulations at a time of representing their experience in the form of icons. In case of detailed and alphabetic sort of information it becomes difficult to hide the details but while using the icons the user can easily find a way to hide the weak points and create a fake image among viewers which can be very harmful and can result into a huge loss for both the parties and break the mutual trust between them.

  • Create Doubts or Confusions

Also, these icons can create confusions among the users as sometimes the icons can be vague, manipulative or not that easy to understand which makes it a challenge among the users to interpretate the real meaning behind that icon and results in the creation of confusions and can ruin their trust upon that candidate.

Wrapping Up

From the above information it can be concluded very easily that Experience Icon are very informative, compact and precise source of transferring the knowledge about a particular employee in order to grab more and more viewers but along with that if these icons are manipulated then it can lead to doubts, confusions and ultimately distrust among the viewers and it is very must to use them properly.

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