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Stop Posting About Among Us refers to popular rant that goes viral as it was done for the memes by made by the Tik Tok users on the theme “Among Us” in large number. As viewers got bored of it and want to stop it. And in order to stop that video this “Stop Posting About Among Us” theme came into trend and it was huge success as it brings an effective change and people who got bored with the among us videos get some relief as many viewers also supporting this campaign in order to got those videos stop.

More About:- Stop Posting About Among Us

This campaign was created by the Tik Tok user biggayrapper and this is rant that was published by Keaton21 to oppose the fame and meme culture of the multiplayer game named as Among Us. That user always posts against the among us memes on the social media and in a very angrily manner and oppose it all time with the different social media platforms. He was always ready to speak or post against this among us phenomenon and use to criticize its users as well as supporters. The reason behind this anger and opposition was his thought that this trend has become so boring and outdated due to fact that it was posted by the people in overabundance.

Why BIGGAYRAPPER Does Not Want This Among Us Trend Anymore?

This can be easily seen in the videos of biggayrapper who actually created the campaign Stop Posting About Among Us that how much anger was there in him against among us trend. But this anger was due to some reason that make him create such campaign in order to stop this trend. Those reasons can be explained as follows:

  • Trend Becomes Boring

According to biggayrapper this among us trend has become an outdated trend that has nothing so excited and this is just a nonsense spread among audience and everyone has got bored from that trend and want to stop that among us drift so the people who are bored of it can also get rid of it. That is why biggayrapper always keep on posting against this drift angrily  with the help of various social media platforms.

  • Claptrap For Biggayrapper

In the vision of biggayrapper among us nothing but just a claptrap or it can be termed as a nonsense idea that has became a trend among people. This is why biggayrapper was ready to roast it and make opposing post for any Among Us meme. His anger in his videos was the real reflection of how he was always a barrier in path of people supporting this among us trend.

  • Got Tired of It

Also, everyone was tired of it as this get spread all over and people were forwarding the among us memes to their friends in overabundance that was creating more haters of this drift and this made the biggayrapper stand against this.


Among Us was a trend that goes so viral, which later make it a boring one and therefore, in order to stop that trend biggayrapper creates Stop Posting About Among Us as he thought this trend is a claptrap that has become outdated and it needs to be stop now.

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