Positional Argument Follows Keyword Argument


Python have two types of arguments one pf them is positional argument and another one is keyword argument. These arguments have to be in a specific order otherwise this can result in error in the Python interpreter. This discussion deals with the topic Positional Argument Follows Keyword Argument. Programming language is just like any other language and has some rules and regulations too. One has to follow those rules and regulations along with the sequential order of that language in order to avoid any errors in programming. Also, those rules that are supposed to followed are termed as Syntax.

Positional Argument Follows Keyword Argument

Positional Argument is that sort of arguments in Python which are required to be done in proper sequential order. This means the positional argument in first order is required to be listed first, positional argument in second position will comes at second position in the order and just like that rest of the positions are to be filled in the particular sequence. This sequential order is must to be maintained in case of positional argument in order to any kind of programming error or in other words any syntax error.

Keyword Argument can also be termed as named argument. This is that sort of argument in programming where name is provided to the variable after it get passed into the function. These arguments are one of those features of python that seems inappropriate for those people who are moving to python rather than other programming languages. This sort of argument is not so productive for those who are learning python. And the keyword argument comes after a parameter as well as the assignment operator and also, they can be link to those dictionaries in which they map a value to the keywords.

Why Positional Argument Follows Keyword Argument?

Like any other language, programming language has some rules that are termed as syntax and if those rules are not followed then ultimately will lead to error and those errors are termed as syntax error. So, in order to avoid the syntax errors positional arguments are done after the keyword arguments. As keyword argument appears in the form of a name and on the other side positional argument appears in the form of any sequential order and due to this problem can arise in which it appears to have a copy/pasted parameter list. Also, default values can also be there that can violate the syntax of programming language and the information generated through it will contains many errors. So, in order to solve those error, one must use the keyword argument and later on the positional argument must be done which will make the information defect free and understandable as well. Also, the syntax of the programming language must also be followed in a proper way to make any kind of digital information in python.

Conclusion The above discussion clear throw light on the fact that why Positional Argument Follows Keyword Argument. As this states that if that order is not followed then it would lead to the syntax error and makes the information generated through it defective as well as unproductive for the users. So, this order in must to be followed otherwise the programming of python will be inaccurate.

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