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In today’s world, social media marketing is a necessity of every business for its growth, and for that, they need Social Media Interns who help in executing the campaigns for their clients.

A social media intern is an aspiring marketing professional who works alongside management to promote the company, increase its brand awareness by using social media platforms.

Social Media Interns are given proper training to understand the company, their products or brand, etc and they work under the supervision of social media managers. The internship is an opportunity for them to gain knowledge of Social media marketing. They are also given training for internal software systems on which they have to work.

Social Media Interns give imaginative understanding into themes to be remembered for a brand’s publication schedule and look for creative ways of spreading the company’s message or product. They use the data shared by management in the best manner to promote the brand and thus make discussion beginning post and pictures for social stages

Qualifications for Social Media Interns: Many companies seek to hire graduates having the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree preferably in business, marketing, journalism, public, etc
  • Relevant experience in social media marketing.
  • Professional certification in Google Analytics will be an additional benefit.

Responsibilities for Social Media Interns: The job & responsibilities of Social Media Intern includes:

  • To collaborate with the team to create a plan for social media strategies on monthly basis.
  • To create social media calendars on a regular basis
  • Regularly monitor various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, and assist in implementing plans to increase followers on these platforms.
  • To come up with brainstorm campaign ideas that help in promoting a brand through various social media platforms.
  • Always keeps the social media account updated by regularly posting the content.
  • To monitor the posting regularly & analyze the success of campaigns.
  • To keep in touch with followers and potential customers by interacting and answering questions through the company’s social pages
  • Understands & becomes proficient in internal software systems.
  • To give suggestions to management for improving customer experience on social platforms.

Skills that Social Media Interns should possess:

  • Social media interns should have an excellent and vast knowledge of social media platforms.
  • He must have a creative mind with brainstorm ideas.
  • He should have good communication & writing skills to interact with customers.
  • Social media interns must know what & how the content will work on social media platforms
  • He must have General knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and internet ranking for web content.
  • Social media interns should be Multitasker & must have the ability to work in a team.
  • Social media interns must have complete knowledge of digital marketing trends.


A social media internship is the first step to enter digital marketing. It is an opportunity for beginners to learn more and more about social media marketing. By using their innovative idea, social media interns can assist in many ways to promote the company & its product on social media platforms.

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