Which User Characteristic May Not Be Used To Change Keyword Bids In Google Ads?


Abid means to be the money that one is able to pay on any particular keyword in the Google ad and specifically based on the number of clicks on it. These bis tells the status of the particular ads and also reflects where these ads will be shown on the search engines. The Google ads depends highly on the message and worth behind that ad along with the keywords attach to it and the ranking of those keywords matters a lot to make that Google ad even more trending.

Which User Characteristic May Not Be Used To Change Keyword Bids In Google Ads?

There are many user characteristic which can be used to change the keyword bids in Google ads like by changing the location of the user keywords bids in Google can be altered.

Also, by using the time of day as well as the device the keywords bids can also be changed. There are many other user characteristics that can be meant very useful in changing the Google bids as single click can make a huge difference if it is made from a specific location at a specific time point and on the desired device. Thus, the factors can be effective in bidding process for any keyword. But few characteristics can be termed useless in that case as by considering the Ad preference one can not change the keywords bids in Google ads.

Why Ad preference can not be used to change keyword Bids in Google Ads?

The answer to the question that why ad preference not be used to change keyword bids in Google ad is that ad preference is not considered to be a part of Bid adjustment. As bid adjustments are helpful in reflecting the ads more or sometimes may be less regularly depending on the facts that how many viewers are searching for it at what time and from which location. As it is possible that a click made by particular device at a particular time period from a particular location can be more productive rather than the other one even when it is made from a laptop device or anything. But ad preference criteria on other side have no use as it is managed by the users and the users use that to option to customize results as per their needs. As via ad preference viewers can see those ads they prefer and need to say and this is a kind of option of personalisation. That is why ad preference can also be termed as ad personalisation. As by the advent of ad personalisation one can get customisation of the ad experience on Google and nothing else can be done through this. So, ad preference (or in other words ad personalisation) can never be used to change keywords bids in Google ads.

Wrapping Up

As the above discussion can be very helpful to clear the doubts regarding the dilemma that Which User Characteristic May Not Be Used To Change Keyword Bids In Google Ads?

As now it is clear that ad preference is that user characteristic that has proved to be useless in the case if it is required to change biding of keywords in the Google ads.

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