keyword planner can do all of these things except:


Keyword Planner is a free tool that is very helpful in finding the keywords for making the searching campaigns relating to the business faster and easier. This discovers new keywords and also give suggestions for searching the keywords. Also, this keeps an eye on the number of searches that had made on a particular keyword and along with that this determines the average cost on an ad. This also keeps the keywords organised in a way they prove to be more productive and create new search campaigns too. But it is very important to know the performance of keywords depend on various factors.

Keyword Planner Can Do All Of These Things Except

Keyword planner helps in searching the productive keywords for a particular business organisation in order to make that business more searchable by their target audience via using the appropriate words. Also, it makes them more searchable so that more ana more audience Google it and due to that the possibilities of generation of more productive leads will get increased. So, if the leads get increased then this will automatically get increased the chances of conversions. Therefore, there are many useful features of keyword planner and is used in various sectors for various purposes but following are few things that keyword planner is unable to do. However, many other software available some of them are even free of cost that can perform those functions but keyword planner has a drawback still.

  • Lacks In Indicating Trends

Keyword Planner is unable to show those keywords which are in trending. But in spite of showing the keywords on trending, keyword planner shows the words searched highly in the last twelve months that is not a correct answer for the question. Also, there many other options which can show the trending keywords but the keyword planner lacks here at this point and this a major drawback of it.

  • Lacks In Multiple Lists Of Keywords

In keyword planner the option of multiple lists is not available especially in its latest version. The lacking of this feature or we can option is a drawback and forbids the entry of new permutations. As earlier in the old version there was function of multiple lists which was meant to be helpful in order to gain the new permutations. This lacking of keyword planner makes the audience go for the other apps or options and reflect keyword planner as less useful than others

  • Unable To Provide Quality Score Estimates

Keyword planner is unable to know that which keyword is related with which landing page of website due to this fact keyword planner is not capable of providing the quality scores estimations. This is the biggest drawback of the keyword planner. Though by the help pf Google Ad platform the score estimation can be known but still the keyword planner itself is not up to the mark to do this function that makes it a lacking planner.

Wrapping Up

The above discussion clearly curates with the line that Keyword Planner Can Do All Of These Things Except for providing the function of multiple list of keywords along with the non-trending keywords. Also, it is unable to provide quality score estimates. But still has many advantages and is very essential.

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