How Many Followers Do You Need To Make Money On Instagram?


Instagram is a great platform for not only being popular but also for earning. This is right that an influencer must have great number of followers but along with that one must have an audience who actually interests in the posts. That means the engagement rate matters a lot to earn money on Instagram. Also, there are many other factors which if get added make an influencer earn well.

How Many Followers Do You Need To Make Money On Instagram?

Different data gives different statistics for the followers count on Instagram to make any account monetised but along with that count the participation of followers also matters. This means how many views, likes as well as comments on the particular post will tell how much money can an influencer earn on that post. Also, there can be post which are sponsored by some brand and that brand has to pay for that to the influencers. Their payment on a sponsored posts can either be fixed on the basis of Instagram followers count or some other criteria like views, likes and how many customers purchased that product after getting influenced by that post. The purchases made by the customers which are influenced by any influencer can be find out by the way of Coupon Codes that are given to influencer to get discounts. And mainly to make their audience buy through those coupons that will make influencers earn ever more.

But if a number has to be taken then, $10 per 1000 followers to $500 per 1000 followers are paid to any influencer as a standard rate but it can vary also. And the rate increased with the increase in the number of followers as well as engagement rate.

How much money can followers count give to an Instagram influencer?

There is no limit for that as any influencer can earn a handsome amount if the followers count and also the participating followers count is huge in number. But the content or the post should be worthy and create interest among the followers otherwise posting photos will bring nothing in return. Just by increasing the number of followers will not give a long survival one has to make more efforts for involving more and more audience and influencing them to like the post, give their precious comments. This also will influence the brands to make sponsor ships with the accounts and sponsor posts are the best way to earn money on Instagram.

Can sell some products through Instagram and earn money.

Not only by being an influencer on Instagram can give earnings but also one can sell some products by making a page on Instagram. And the number of followers will be very influential as larger the followers count larger will the possibilities of sales. Increase in sales means increase in money earned.


The discussion held on How Many Followers Do You Need To Make Money On Instagram? Is of great advent as it tells that in spite of having a standard rate the earnings on Instagram can be influenced due to many factors like quality of content, engagement rate, sponsorships offered by brands and so on. But Instagram followers count can affect the money earned through it.

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