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Going google simply means using the Google’s enterprise products i.e Google Apps as our foundation for digital marketing, correspondence and collaboration.

With going google, companies can do digital marketing to promote their products/services, can use various google applications for better commination & working within organisations & globally

Going google i.e use of google tools in Digital Marketing:

  • Google Analytics: The going google tool like Google Analytics provides understanding into who are individuals who visit the webpage and what they do when they go to a site. To understand the results of marketing campaign, site user’s experience, advertisers take the help of Google Analytics.
  • Google Ad Words: Google Ad permits you to make an advertisement or promotion that will appear in individuals’ list items when they type in keywords you’ve adjusted your promotions to. Moreover, companies just need to pay each time somebody really taps on your advertisement result.

The topmost benefit of Google AdWords is that it works quicker than SEO. Both SEO and Google AdWords are search engine marketing tools to divert more web traffic and leads. But, Google AdWords work a lot quicker for a business to get the much pined for first spot in search.

Here are few steps that how one can Google platform for digital marketing:

  1. Use Google My Business (GMB) and guarantee free promotion space for your business..
  2. Improve your site’s SEO utilizing Google Search Console..
  3. Buy promotions on Google through Google AdWords.
  4. Host your site’s recordings on YouTube, the biggest video local area on the planet.

Going google by adopting google application for better functioning of work in following ways:

  • Google Meet: We have going google by opting google meet for video conferencing. With Google Meet, anybody from anywhere can make & join great video gatherings. Moreover on google meet upto 250 people can do video meeting. It is easily open on any gadget. Anyone can present records, slides and really during phone call by sharing phone screen.
  • Google Keep:  Another way to have going google by choosing Google keep for adding notes, records, photographs, and sound. All that you add to Keep adjusts across your gadgets so your significant stuff is consistently with you and you can access it anytime & anywhere
  • Google Sheets: Regardless of whether you’re arranging an occasion or sharing the most recent income figures, Sheets makes it consistent for groups to cooperate. In google sheets you can add associates to projects, consider changes to be they happen.. All progressions are naturally saved as you make them. Even if you are offline, you can make, see, and alter records any place and at whatever point
  • Google Forms: Another important way of going google is to choose google forms to manage event registrations, make a fast assessment of public sentiment and significantly more. With Google Forms, you can create surveys in your mobile or web browser from any whereas & also can analyse the same. You get the results instantly as they come in. Also, you can sum up study results initially with diagrams and charts.

Conclusion: Thus we see that going google is basically adoption of google applications which helps a ton in digital marketing, better working, communication & collaboration across the world. It is need of 21st century to embrace these applications for smart work.

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