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In order to search any website or make any search online there is an omnibar on top of on every browser that gives option to either Search Google or Type a URL which is used for making online searches. On e can use or type URL that is typing a complete web address to reach a website. But if one is not aware about the complete web address then one can simply search by typing words related to that website (remembered by searching party). Both the ways can help in the search differently but definitely.

Search Google or Type A URL

  • When to go for Search Google option?

This is very essential to know that when and why to go for the option Search Google. So, in case one is unknown to complete URL or web address to reach the website then just by simply typing the related words remembered by that person, search can be made for that particular website. Though it will not directly take to the website but one can found some related results and fulfil the purpose. Also, if a person does not require to search for any of the website and just want to search for some thing then, by simply doing google search will be a good option. This option make search easy for person that who don not have much knowledge about web address or any other technical terms. Just type what is on your mind and number of results will be there on the screen.

  • When to go for Type A URL option?

Typing the URL option can be taken only when the complete URL or web address is known to the searching person. Typing web address can make one reach directly to the website in spite of showing numerous useless results. This is a specific search option that saves time as well as efforts and gives end results. For this, one has to use prefixes such as HTTP:// or WWW. As per the requirement. Sometimes, many sites have lightweight URLs which get converted into the principle URL making the searchers’ work easier that they have no need to type the whole address as by typing prefixes and some further terms the option will arrive itself. This is the best option when one is not interested to have useless searches but just want to reach a specific website without wasting the time.

What To Choose Search Google or Type A URL?

This totally depends on some one’s choice or need to judge which option can be best. Also, by knowing the nature and benefits of both the option can make it easier for someone to know which option can be the best and at what situation it can be the best. So, the choice has no specific science it just depends on the choice and preferences.

Wrapping Up

So, from the above discussion one can easily judge weather Search Google or Type A URL. Both options have their own uniqueness, one can choose any of them as per the requirement and knowledge as for Search google has to type the words that has to be search for but for URL option one has to type the complete web address to make the search accordingly.

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