Digital Marketing Manager

Every business that wants to grow its business through the internet may need a qualified Digital Marketing Manager. As he develops, implement & manage marketing campaigns to promote company and its products and/or services. 

Digital Marketing Manager Duties & responsibilities include:

  • Stays himself up to date with the latest digital technology & practices.
  • Plan, build & carry out the overall digital marketing strategy.
  • Oversee & supervise the various digital marketing channels.
  • Prepare the digital marketing budget and keep an eye on the advertising spending.
  • Regulate all the company’s online media accounts.
  • Recommend exercises for working on the nature of online content
  • Team up with organizations and other digital marketing team members
  • Explore more & more competitors and give suggestions for improvement

The Manager should possess the following skills.

Leadership quality: He/she must have leadership quality. As this job highly demands influencing others & get results through collaboration. A digital marketing manager must have the ability to lead his team and be able to work with colleagues at all levels of an organization.

Writing skills: The manager must possess creative writing skills. Having creative writing abilities will empower him to make content that can effectively direct people to your website. A well-written content is essential for promoting the brand and .can increase interaction with the audience on social media.

Vast knowledge in social media: The manager must have extensive knowledge in social media. Nowadays for marketing products & services social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are good options. To build a solid social media establishment, to build brand mindfulness.. he must have working information on various social media channels.

Be analytical: A digital marketing manager must update himself latest technology trends. He must be well versed in website analytics and data analysis tools.

CRM ( Customer relationship management): CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a pivotal ability for a successful Digital Marketing Manager. The manager must understand that what clients or prospective customers want. Only then he can effectively plan, design and execute strategies for clients. which will promote the client’s products or services and gain the customers’ attention.

Training: The personnel must have an eye on the patterns that are applicable to their business and approach. He must be always ready for continuous learning for themselves as well as for their staff.

Customer Experience: The last expertise for a Digital Marketing personnel is knowing about client experience. He must be able to make the client’s site in such a way that makes it easy for their customers to utilize and explore around. These outcomes in a superior client experience, which will urge them to return

Salary of Digital Marketing Manager: The normal compensation is ₹5 lacs per annum in India at the initial level. However, with 5-9 years of experience may draw a salary between ₹7 lacs ₹10 lacs per annum

Wrapping up: In today’s internet-savvy world, the demand for digital marketing managers is growing rapidly. To promote any product/ service online Digital marketing manager plays an important role as they oversee projects and ensure that digital marketing campaigns run smoothly from start to finish.

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