how long to count to a million


If it is considered as one number per second but without any breaks and gaps due to any cause at all then the time required for counting a million will take 11 days, 13 hours, 46 minutes, and 40 seconds. It could probably be less time taking to count one to hundred if it is done promptly but after the completion of 1 to 100, later characters would be comparatively very time taking to say them aloud. For Instance, take the number 569,646. (“Five Lakh sixty-nine thousand six hundred forty-six”) will definitely be time taking while saying it aloud. Also, on has to sleep, eat, use the washroom and perform other daily things this all will definitely delay the process of counting million. So, these 11 days criteria is not same for every person performing that count and it is based on many different situations

So, How Long To Count To A Million?

Below given explanation will elaborate this discussion even better and make it more reliable as well as relevant.

For this, take example of a person naming Jeremy Harper (This is not a fictional story but an actual one). During the month of June in 2007, Jeremy Harper decided to take the test to know that How Long Does It Take To Count To A Million? And, for this Harper take the charge and count one to million himself. And for that his boss also gave approval leaves for him. Harper at that time was raising money for the small NPO’s who worked for the welfare of disabled persons. Those days, lot of weird things are being happened on internet. So, it was a gold opportunity for Harper to be trending on internet by performing that count of million but that process was definitely result to be time taking process for Harper but still it was a worth doing it. As in the line of digitalisation or we can say digital marketing this stunt created a hustle.

During this process Harper locked himself in apartment in order to avoid ant distractions and turned on all the cameras covering that stunt being performed by him. But he took breaks for sleeping, eat and other required activities and spent 16 out of 24 hours per day for completing the process. And during the process Harper encourage the audience to donate through Now-Defunct website, and the cameras was on all the time so the audience can see the whole process. So, by digitalising this stunt Harper could arrange some amount of donations too. What an amazing advent of digital marketing!

 And after 89 days that is on September 14, 2007 exactly at 7:25 during evening, Harper achieved the goal of One Million goal and celebrate it by doing chicken dance.


How Long To Count To A Million? The answer to this question is not so easy because normally it takes 11 days approximately but if consider the example of Harper the answer can be different because for any it is impossible to do that without eating, sleeping and doing other essential things. Also, one can have a different pace or speed which can result in different answers for the question that How Long Does It Take To Count To A Million?

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