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Career in Digital Marketing is a boon for anyone who opt this field as it both gives salary as well as growth in career. As in today’s era every organization takes help of digital marketing to expand their businesses. Even during the Covid digital marketing became a relief for many businesses to perform their advertisements and marketing. So, career in digital marketing is a good choice.

Following are some Digital Marketing Specialist Salary

Digital marketing specialist enjoy handsome salaries. Few of them are below mentioned.

  • SEO Specialist Salary

These specialists are supposed to generate traffic on a particular website and make it highlight on the front page of internet. Their average salary ranges from 180000/- to 480000/- per year (approximately) according to their experience.

  • Pay Per Click Specialist

PPC Specialist are hired to analyze the profit earned per click and also to obtain profit equal to/more than the investment. Their average salary ranges from 300000/- to 500000/- per year (approximately)as per their experience.

  • Web Developer

Web developer are supposed to create website via their knowledge of various computer languages and perform coding and decoding. Their average salary ranges from 300000/- to 500000/- per year (approximately) according to their experience.

  • Social Media Marketing Specialist

Social media marketing specialist are supposed to create a complete social media marketing strategy for any company. Their average salary as per experience ranges from 300000/- to 700000/- per year (approximately).

  • Data Analyst

A data analyst is that person who interprets the data and convert it in a way that will be beneficial for the business. Their average salary depending on their experience ranges from 400000/- to 500000/- per year (approximately).

  • Paid Media Specialist

A paid media specialist generates traffic on web portals via online platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc and their average salary ranges from 300000/- to 650000/- per year (approximately) depending on their experience.

  • Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing managers plans and executes a brand’s digital presence completely to increase sales by promoting their product/services. Their average salary ranges from 700000/- to 1000000/- per year (approximately) according to their experience.

  • Marketing Automation Specialist

Marketing Automation Specialist manage the marketing automation platforms and fully increasing their capabilities and work closely with project managers, developers, project managers, operational initiatives designers and design developers. Their average salary ranges from 400000/- to 600000/- per year (approximately).

Factors Affecting Digital Marketing Specialist Salary

  • Experience

More the experience more will be the salary of any specialist. So, the experience plays a major role in deciding someone’s salary.

  • Title Of Job

Job Title represents a reputation for any employee as managerial posts are considered to be superior and given importance in context of their salaries also.

  • Skills

Skills are key to success as a person with good skills will definitely make a good future by any means. So, skills play a major role to decide someone’s salary.

  • Employer

Also, the company in which a person is working and its brand image as well as the employer over any employee have a direct impact on the employees’ salary.

Conclusion Above discussion help in gaining a perspective on whether to take on this career path or not. As digital marketing salary is a boon, this has many other merits also that can attract many graduated and professionals

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