which of the following is not a benefit of having a social media strategy?

A social media strategy is a strategy that we make to achieve something on social media. Social media strategy plays an important role in today’s marketing world. It is key to success for all industries

All of us know the benefits of social media strategy but you may be asked which of the following is NOT a benefit of having a social media strategy?

  • Social media helps to reach a large number of people
  • Social media helps to build more awareness of your brand
  • Social media helps to send better emails.
  • Social media helps to attract customers


The correct answer is: Social media helps to send better emails.

Well, it’s just a question that may be asked, In fact, Social media strategy benefits in the following ways:

  • You can reach a large audience: Millions of people are active on a social media platform. Social media strategy is a great opportunity for businesses to reach a large number of people to make them aware of their products & services.
  • Website traffic Good content on social media can drive traffic to your website. Many social media platform allows you to post content with link of your website. By clicking on the link, the audience will reach your website & they will get more familiar with your business.
  • Cost-effective – social media strategy is a very cost-effective strategy. The cost of maintaining a social media presence is very minimal.
  • Evaluation: It is easy to evaluate how much website traffic drives from social media. It will help to evaluate your strategies to gain more attention from the audience.
  • Again there is the confusion is there any disadvantage of having social media strategy, So Yes; Social media strategy may also fail sometimes. The main downsides to social media strategy are as under:
  • Negative feedback: People use social media platforms to post content they love but they also don’t hesitate to share the experiences they don’t love. If someone had a bad experience with your business, they will get an opportunity to post their bad experiences with others & it may affect your goodwill.
  • Time-consuming: Social media strategy is not a one & done type method You have to be engaged & active on social media to post new content continuously & repeatedly to grab the attention of the audience. In absence of this, your audience may attract & divert to other websites
  • Copy by competitors: On social media, your competitors can easily observe your strategy that what you do to attract customers, how you collect testimonials, etc & copy the same. And it will be really painful that if you come up with your mind-blowing strategy, and your competitors just copy it.
  • Result may come late: Social media strategy may not give instant results. One has to be patient to grab the attention of people on social media.

Thus building a social media strategy needs a lot of time & patience. One has to be very careful while making social media strategy as posting any wrong content on social media may ruin the goodwill of your business. Always create a list of “which of the following is NOT a benefit of having a social media strategy?” prior starting.

Once the strategy is successfully built it will take your business to new heights.


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