Google Algorithm Update 2021


Google keeps on evolving its algorithm to get assurance that the pages being surfaced by Google for the users are accurate, relevant, and secure. Also, every year it seems to present more and more updates. Being acknowledged with sort of updates can help one to stay in line with SEO best practices, improve rankings, and also understand any causes behind performance deviations.

Following are some Google Algorithm Update 2021

  • Passage ranking update (February 2021)

In passage ranking update, Google use artificial intelligence to index web pages and individual passages in order to promptly solve users’ queries without giving troubles to users. Also, it aims to provide quality content.

  • About this result update (February 2021)

In this, Google coms with extra context to different search results so that most relevant search can be depicted. This does not have any effect on ranking as it is list of facts and help to pull brief description from Wikipedia.

  • 100% mobile-first indexing update (March 2021)

 From July 2019, mobile-first indexing had become default for all new websites. To optimize mobile friendliness:

  • One must have a responsive site.
  • Use slow loading and image compression.
  • Always manually check popups and create functionalities on mobile phone

Mobile-friendliness can be measured page-by-page basis, but site-wide mobile performance measurements can be made with the Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool and Search Console.

  • Product reviews update (April 2021)

 Google’s April 2021 product reviews update helps to promote product reviews which includes list of products, in-depth researches, proper analysis and genuine content. So, for creating high quality product review, Google recommends to express experts, knowledge to provide users some unique content. Also, quantitative measurements for performance should be provided to make comparison and ultimately leading to wise purchasing decision.

  • MUM update (May 2021)

Multitask Unified Model (MUM) is natural language model which is more powerful than BERT of October 2019 which use contextual information via various sources to present comprehensive answers in form of difficult questions. MUM is available in 75 languages, so relevant answers in different language can be easily identified.

  • Link spam update (June 2021)

Google’s June 2021 spam update was implemented on web page and image results due to which there are no local result. This consists two phases, that start as well as finish on the same day according to Google. But it takes two weeks actually and always help to check and ensure that a website is protected from any spam.

  • Page experience update (June 2021)

Google introduced a specific set of metrics via page experience update termed as Core Web Vitals. They are newly prioritized factors that help to quantify experience of any person on webpage. Also, they include Largest Content Page (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shifts (CLS) that give recommendations to enhance page responsiveness.

  • Page title update (August 2021)

Earlier Google tweak page titles in the SERP according to query but later it started doing it in detrimental way and later confirmed that new system that will represent page as a whole has been introduced and it is more relevant.


Google Algorithm Update 2021 came up with various updates having different uses and relevance in order to make web searches more appropriate and optimum for the viewers to get a prompt answer for their query.

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