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Link analysis is a data-analysis technique used to evaluate relationships between nodes. Relationships can be identified among various types of nodes including organizationspeople and transactions. Link analysis is used for detecting criminal activity like fraud detectioncounterterrorism, and intelligence etc.

3 Primary Purposes:

  • Find duel for known patterns of interests between linked objects.
  • Find incongruity by detecting contravene known patterns.
  • Find new patterns of interest

Why link analysis?

 If there is an interesting relationship in your data, you’ll get more value in link analysis. Following are its benefit:

  1. INSTINCTIVE                                                                                                                   Exploring networks in form of node-link structures immediately makes sense.
  2. RAPID                                                                                                                                        Link analysis helpful in identifying the trends and outliers quickly.
  3. ACCESSIBLE                                                                                                                                               Simplify complication and understand in detail.
  4. PERCEPTIVE                                                                                                                                                   You can gain more knowledge and understand context.

How to Draw a Link Analysis Diagram?

  1. Establish Data Points
    A The first step is to find what people and organizations are essential for investigation.
  2. Run RF Matrix                                                                                                             Download RF Flow and click ToolsAuto Charts, and Association Matrix.

  3.   Enter Data Points                                                                                                                                          Type data points into text box at lower left of RF Matrix program and click ADD Name.

 4. Put Names in Alphabetical Order
        Names will show up in list at left in order they were entered, put them in alphabetical order by clicking ALPHABETIZE. The leftmost character is used when alphabetizing names so order will be different if you enter names as “First Last” or “Last First.”

 5. Add Relationships
        3 association codes:

(A) Known Association

              This represents strong connection. To add this to RFMatrix, click on any word in list on left. Then click on another word in top list. Go to intersection of selected items and right-click on intersection point. A menu will appear Click “Second word has known association with first.”

(B) Suspected Association

 This shows a weak connection. Left-click on any name in list on left and left-click on other name in top list, right-click on intersection of selected items and                                                   choose “First NAME has suspected relationship with Second.”

(C) Key Individual
 Left-click on desired Person in list on left of RFMatrix. Left-click on Particular Organisation Name in top list, right-click on intersection of selected areas and choose “Person is key individual in Organisation.”

6. Edit Names
      Right-click on Incorrect Name in left list. Choose Edit Text in drop-down menu.

7. Save Matrix
Click File in main menu of RFMatrix and Save. Select folder and give matrix a name without extension.

8. Print Matrix
Click File in main menu of RFMatrix and Print. Select printer. Click Preferences to change paper orientation. Click Print.

9. Move Data to RF Flow
Run RFFlow, click ToolsAuto Charts, and Link Analysis. In Link Analysis dialog box, click round button near: The input data is saved in .txt file / comma delimited .csv file. Click Next button.

10. Create Link Analysis Diagram
 In Open dialog box, choose folder to Look in: and click name of file created in Step 7. Click Open. The chart will automatically generate.

11. Edit Link Analysis Diagram  

Press Down KEEP CONNECTED button, drag names and lines. Draw selection rectangle around desired name and drag it. This will move box and two circles together. Replace names with pictures by clicking InsertPicture from File.                                                                          

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