How to find best SEO Keywords?


SEO Keywords are those phrases in the content through which the audience can reach a website via search engines. So, this is must to choose those words wisely. Following are the steps that can bridge the requirements and destination.

Step 1: Scrutinize pertinent topics of your business:

First of all, you need to select the topics that are relevant to your business and hence, find out what can be the key features to succeed your organisation. Just hunt what your target audience search and ultimately what they actually desire. Suit yourself for the shoes of your buyer personas.

Step 2: Find suitable keywords for those topics:

So, after scrutinizing the relevant topics, the next move is to identify the keywords that suits those topics the most. These keyword phrases are important to rank for in the SERPs (search engine results pages) because your target customer is probably conducting searches for those specific terms.

 Understand the three main factors to know:

How to find best SEO Keywords?

1. Relevance

 If your content meets the searchers’ need. In addition, your content must be so precise and specific so that it can solve searchers’ queries. As it is obvious that Google will rank your content only if it is valuable and relevant.

2. Authority

Google will give rank to the content having authority which means to augment your site by adding specific and valuable content and promoting that content in such a way that makes you earn social signals and backlinks.

3. Volume

Volume can be measured by MSV (monthly search volume), that means how many times the keyword which means the number of times the keyword is typed by the audiences per month across the world. It would be a wastage of your time and resources if no one searches for your site and there is no traffic to your site.

Step 3: Select mix of head terms and long-tail keywords

It is must to have balanced mix of head terms (shorter and generic terms) and long-tail terms (longer phrases having 3 or more words). For instance, take a topic “Digital Marketing” then brainstorm some keywords that people would search for in relation to that topic. That phrases can be:

  • Digital Marketing tools
  • Types of Digital Marketing      and so on…

Accordingly, the keywords for SEO can be choose.

Step 4: Analyze according to Intent effects on SEO Keywords

Today in order to rank on the search engines, curation with searchers’ intent is the pivotal factor. It means that your content has to be the end solution for the customer grievances for which he/ she had been hunting.

Step 5: Research related search terms.

This can be a creative move. As when you search for something on Google, then you find suggestion related to your search these keywords can precipitate other keywords that can be considerable for you.

Step 6: Take help of keyword research tools

Tools like AhrefsSEMrush, and Ubersuggest can give you some advantage as they can help you teach How to find best SEO Keywords?

But you should understand that there is no best keyword, best you can do is:

  • Beat the competition
  • Gives quality content

And… Yor are done!

Also review these keywords to upgrade yourself timely.

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