What Counts as a View on YouTube?


To understand views on YouTube, it’s essential to know what a view really means. View is counted depending on the fact that whether the viewer had initiated to watch a video or not. YouTube wants to be sure that views on videos are coming from real audience. So, to know What Counts as a View on YouTube? One must be aware about the following conditions:

  • Viewer must watch a video intentionally
  • Video must be watched for minimum 30 seconds.

Affects of Repeat View Factor:

YouTube have to be very specific and careful about What Counts as a View on YouTube? As users in many ways have attempted to falsify view counts as more views can result in their videos being more monetized or can be promoted by YouTube itself. Repeat views are counted but up to a certain limit toward total views because YouTube understands that the users is watching that video or using social circles to get more views from single device.

But after 4 or 5 views—YouTube stop counting repeated views from that device within 24 hours but after 24-hour gap, views start being counted.

How Paid Video Ads Get Counted?

View counts work approximately same as organic views in case any brand wants to use YouTube genuine views that can display video on YouTube and the Google Display Network. YouTube will count views when:

  1. Viewer watches complete video ad between 11 and 30 seconds long
  1. Viewer watches for at least 30 seconds a video
  2. Viewer interacts the particular ad by clicking on it intentionally

How Does YouTube View Calculator Work?

                                                                                                                                                              To find out that whether your YouTube account is monetizable now, you can take the help of tools such as YouTube view calculatorThis calculator is from Social Blade that can help you know what your estimated CPM will be along with your estimated earnings per day, estimated earnings per month, and estimated projection at the end of year.

Why Views on YouTube have Different Analytics?

The problem in finding What Counts as a View on YouTube?  can be visible even in user interface of YouTube. While looking at the view stats within YouTube it can be judged that even YouTube itself is not sure about the authenticity and worthiness of a video. Also, it can be seen that view statistics of video is differ across different pages. YouTube calculates its search results regularly.

 Whenever a request is made for a video, closest server provides that video and the view counts get increased in its local log and logs get collated at fixed time and the central log get updated. It applies to view count data in YouTube as well YouTube doesn’t show real time view counts as counts from YouTube search does not match even with new YouTube Analytics Tool. So, YouTube itself have no precise answer on question that how many views your video has.


 YouTube is huge platform to grow your company and its presence as an Internet star. For that, you need more True Views. By learning What counts as a view on YouTube? you can invest in helpful ways to use that platform for promotion and marketing. But be sure about the return for your valuable time and efforts.

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