A major problem that everyone faces is the fit of clothing. Fit clothing has two
aspects, i.e., comfort and appearance. The one who is wearing the garments can
define the comfort and the style and fashion of the garment depend on the
appearance. A simple shirt may seem easy to find but it is not that easy to find a
well-fitted shirt.
Everyone has their personal preferences about clothing. There are some rules
which help to find a perfect shirt. You should keep in mind some points if you
want your shirt to fit like a tailor-made item. Consider the points given below
while deciding how a shirt should fit:

COLLAR: You should feel comfortable with the collar of your shirt. One
thing which should be kept in mind is that some ventilation should be
there, without having too large a gap in the collar. Try to put your two fingers
into your shirt. It will help you to decide the size of the collar. The shirt will
be too loose if your third finger will be added and very tight if any finger
will be removed. Also, the collar should balance your face as pointed collar
suits a short neck, and a spread collar suits a long neck.

SLEEVES: Whenever you buy a shirt, you probably see some numerical on
one side, like 13/32, here, the first number is for the opening of the neck,
and the second one is for the length of the sleeves. The sleeves should not
look so tight that everyone can see the details of your arms. And neither so
loose that it looks likes a billow. The cuff of the shirt should end where it
meets your wrist. When you will bend, make sure your cuff did not move
up more than an inch.

SHOULDER: If the shoulder seam goes down from the edge of the shoulder,
it means the shirt is too big. And if it comes before the curve of the
shoulder, it means it is small. It should meet exactly the end of the shoulder
bone. Armholes should not be tight and not too loose also.

BODY: The shirt should be straight at the sides of the body. One should
avoid wearing tight shirts. If you want to tuck your shirt, the length of the
shirt should be sufficient enough that it does not come out while having some normal motions. Untucked shirts have a flat or curved bottom.
Untucked shirts should not reveal your skin or undershirt.

BUTTONS: You should check the buttons of the shirt by wearing it. The
buttons should not pull the fabric to reach each other. If the fabric of the
shirt is coming apart from the buttons, it means the shirt is very tight for
you. If you want that your shirt looks good on you then you should follow the points
explained above. Because without a good fit, everything will be right but you
will still look really bad.

If you wear an ill-fitted shirt, it will:
• Look awkward
• Make you feel uncomfortable
• Make everybody think that you don’t take good care of yourself
To make you feel that you should wear a well-fitted shirt, all these points given
above are enough.

One important thing, if you know the length of your sleeves, it can be very helpful
for you. Sometimes when you go to buy a shirt, there are some numbers on the
shirt. Sleeve length is also written there. It will be easier for you to select the shirt
if you already know the length of your sleeves.

Whenever you are shopping for shirts, always keep in mind the slimness,
placement, and comfort as I have explained how a shirt should fit. When it comes
to fashion, there are plenty of choices, but the above guidelines will help you to
not do any serious mistakes.

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