The Present Situation

Israel and Palestine’s war once again took the lives of 240 innocent lives. A ceasefire was reported between Israel and Palestinian militant Hamas during the holy month of Ramadan, in May 2021. The identified deaths were Palestinians in the territory of Gaza. 

Israel and Hamas both claimed victory as none of them is ready to agree on the UN terms

The Cause

The 100-year-old issue isn’t likely to end in the upcoming years. It all started when Britain took control over Palestine after defeating the Ottoman Empire during World War I. 

The middle east occupied land has an Arab majority. It slowly dropped as Jewish started moving to Palestine after World War II between 1920-1940. Jewish believed this land was their ancestral. Arabs couldn’t accept the change and opposed it.

The beginning of the war

In 1947, the UN voted to split Palestine into two parts, Arab and Jewish States to make Jerusalem an International City. The Jewish leaders backed this decision but Arabs resisted this change. Unable to solve the conflict, British rulers and Jewish leaders created the “State of Israel” in 1948. Many Palestinians resisted this conception and War began. 

The neighboring countries indulged in this war to acquire what’s possible, Arab countries invaded their troops’, bombing, the firing destroyed the Palestinian land. This conflict made thousands of Palestinians move out of their homes and shift to the “catastrophe”. 

Invasion of countries

Jordan conquered West Bank, and Egypt kept Gaza. Jerusalem was partitioned among Israeli forces in the West and Jordanian forces in the East. Each side kept blaming the other, no one came to peace, fighting never stopped, and the war continued for decades.

Israel took charge of East Jerusalem and the West bank in the 1967 war. Along with it, the Syrian Golan Heights, Gaza, and Egyptian peninsula was also occupied by Israel. 

The descendants of Palestinian refugees living in Gaza, the West Bank, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon were not allowed to meet each other or return to their homes. Israel says this would destroy the country and endanger its presence as a Jewish state.

Now what is happening, Israel wants the whole of Jerusalem as its capital, while the Palestinians demand East Jerusalem as the capital of a planned Palestinian state. The United States is backing Israel in its claim. 

The Hamas

These tensions have built various politi

cal parties that started resisting communities. The largest of these is known as “The Hamas’. A Palestine militant Islamist group formed in 1987 to stand against Israel. 

During 1996, Hamas has carried out several bus bombings, firing, suicidal bombings to retaliate against Israel. Claims that Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank do not have to bear Israeli actions and restrictions. On the other hand, Israel declares it is only fighting to protect itself from Palestinian violence.

The Issue:

There are many issues on which Israel and the Palestinians not agreeing on. These include, who is going to undertake Palestinian refugees, whether Jewish-made settlements in the West Bank should be kept or to be eliminated, who is going to keep Jerusalem or share it, and possibly most complex of all – whether a Palestinian state should be created beside Israel.

Its been 25 years, Peace talks have been taking place, but none could have accommodated to solve the issue. To conclude, the situation is not likely to sort out soon. There can be another round of ceasefire if the flow hasn’t been directed in the right way. The innocents will continue to die among the fights between country rulers, community leaders, military groups, and conflicts over land.  

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