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Grand Theft Auto 5 was marked as the most favorable game last year in the Epic Games Store. No doubt that being the most liked game has the highest cost set for its vehicles, weapons, clothes, and other things to buy in GTA Online. But there’s nowhere concluded that money not can be made in GTA 5. So there are possible solutions available on how to make money online GTA 5. The steps may look complex and cumbersome while you start playing, but once the player has a hold on the game, it would not look out of reach. 

If you are playing GTA San Andreas for the first time, or a returning holidaymaker, veteran requiring some fresh cash injection ideas, or any other character, you can opt for five quick ways to get rich in GTA Online and learn how to make money online GTA 5.

  • Pacific Standard Job with Lester’s Heist

The GTA online heists are one of the gainful attempts with an entertaining spirit. First of all, you need to meet Lester Crest. He is your coordinator of missions who presents the jobs (mission) in an order such as The Prison Break, The Humane Labs Raid, The Fleeca Job and Series A Funding. The completion of Pacific standard jobs will reward money for an amount of $100,000. You can earn more depending on the difficulty level you choose. You can get as much as $500,000/$1 million/$1.25 million.

  • Special Cargo

Another mission is Special Cargo missions. To access these Special Cargo missions, you have to acquire an Executive office and become a CEO. Then look for warehouses to store the illegal goods, which you will find in Maze Bank. After setting up all this, you need to steal cargo from all over the state to schedule drop-offs for selling your warehouse to the highest bidder. There’s an option to do it all alone, but doing it with pals saves a lot of time and effort. Bidding can make you earn up to $200,000/ hour. 

  • The Doomsday Heist

After mastering the Pacific jobs, laster’s doomsday heist is the next call for earning money from GTA 5. Get pals for this mission and split into three acts. Assigning one buddy for help would be enough rather than three as done in the above job. Lesser buddies mean more money. You should be ready for the difficulty spike before engaging in a direct trade-off. As you can make up to $812,500 in Act I, $1.2 million in Act II, and $1.5 million in Act III, the potential gains with fewer bodies.

  • Gunrunning and motorcycle clubs

Robbing banks and stealing flying cars is child’s play but, playing these games with gigs can make you rich. Since Gunrunning requires a Bunker, and cheapest would cost $1.2 million. So, when at the end you’re going to earn ample money, then pay your NPC staff to build it rather than wasting time on stealing and all. Once it is all ready, get your laptop at the bunker to activate the delivery mission and get the cash in. Choose the cheap Nightclubs and Motorcycle clubs as the Great Chaparral Biker Clubhouse is the cheapest one at just $200,000. Deal with less expensive business to get the cheap cocaine.

  • Double events

There is a direct way to engage in Rockstar’s double money events. It sure is simple but an effective way to increase zeros to the bank balance. Refresh it every Thursday to check if you got any great deal and learn GTA how to make money online.

So, these were the five ways to GTA how to make money online. You should better give it go and get rich!

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