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Exercise is very important for physical fitness. It maintains our weight, digestive system, provides strength to our muscles, and also increases life expectancy. But nowadays everyone is so busy and they are not able to take proper care of themselves. In such situations, a good exercise app can be a great solution. So, here are some best exercise apps for android.


My Fitness Pal is the best app for fitness and exercise. This app mainly contains a calorie counter and macro tracker. It sets a calorie goal and logs everything to eat to stay on track. There is no cost to download this fitness app and this app has been rated as the best exercise apps for android.


This app is owned by Adidas. It develops activity tracking apps such as training logs, comparisons to other users, road biking, a step counter and other functions to help users to improve their overall fitness. Some apps are free and some have subscription policy.


This app is the best app and it is only on android. This app basically provides tracking of activities and people love using this app. This app contains many exercises but people normally check their experiences on this app. It is the best exercise apps on android for those who already go to the gym and has a good routine workout routine. They just want to track their routine in a better way. All the features of this app are free and also it has no advertisement and which makes this app one of the best exercise apps on android.


Seven provides 7 minute workout plan in its best way. It is one of the best app. These workouts are very useful because these exercises are scientifically proven. It focuses mainly on 12 exercises and these 12 exercises are very difficult. Some of easy exercises in this app are free but for the main exercises you need a subscription.


JEFIT is the only exercise tracker which is mostly in demand and most people like this app. It contains something very different as it provides HD video classes for exercise. This app also tracks your activities and provides the best routines. It contains more than 1,300 exercises in it, gives a rest timer, an interval timer, and provides even a workout planner who wants. It also comes under the best exercise app for android.


YouTube is an excellent option where people make their accounts and provides many free exercise videos. YouTube is also a good option for beginners who want to stay fit. There exist a lot of YouTuber who provides very nice routines and tips about working out, and some provide music on YouTube for workout for people to get more energetic. However, with so many people claiming to be fitness experts, people normally get confused about whom they should listen to and who provides safe exercise advice especially in the case of girls. People normally take a premium subscription because it removes advertisements.


Stronglifts 5×5 is a very good resistance training app and resistance training is an essential aspect for improving public health. In case if consumer does not trust any app and has a habit of switching devices, then this app has a very good feature of back up which makes it unique from the other. It has a three months subscription policy and is not costly.


Leap Fitness is a group which has plenty of apps in it and it has been on the Google Play since 2011. Right now, Leap fitness contains 34 workout apps. This app has attained a position in top 100 apps according to the ranking of Google. All the workouts activities under this app are designed by experts. People normally get attracted where they can count their steps and leap fitness contains an app for step counting. It also contains an app for drinking water which reminds consumer to take water time to time.


There are so many hardware trackers available for the consumers. Fitbit is dedicated for helping people lead healthier, and live more actively. It is a hardware tracker app which tracks your steps, pulse rate, and many other things. People use this app and track their movements by whatever exercise they do.


Shred takes fitness a little more seriously. This app offers a 7-day free trial. This app also keeps tabs on your progress over the past weeks. If you have no knowledge about diet, this app also provides proper diet according to the person. Like most fitness apps, it’s not cheap.

Here, all the apps are the best exercise apps on android. They all are designed differently. So, you are the one to select the app that will suit you the best.

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