5 tricks to increase followers on Instagram

In these digital times we live in, the desire to increase followers on Instagram and get more and more “likes” are the order of the day. However, outside of our social circles, it can be difficult to add followers to promote our brand or project.

That said, there are tricks or tips that we can follow to increase followers on Instagram, even if we don’t win them at the pace of Beyoncé, but we do reach a wider audience. Let’s see how to get it.

Tricks to increase followers on Instagram:

1. Use #hashtags

It is one of the easiest ways to increase followers and many people do not use them or do it in a way that is not suitable for their goal of becoming more visible.

#Nosetratadetallarlododopadmode, this is overwhelming, difficult to read, and has no real impact on getting new followers.

Use common sense: what are you showing? what are you talking about? What interests your potential followers? See which related hashtags have the most uses in the search for this social network and add them to your publications. Keep in mind, for example, that if your target audience is Spanish, you may not be interested in using labels in English.

A good example is that of Papelaria Shop, online stationery that since it is clear that part of its target audience is female students and, especially opponents, uses the labels accordingly:

Think about your target audience and who are those companies similar to yours and take a look at the hashtags they use, surely you can get ideas.

2. Communicate and participate

It is not enough to arrive, upload the photo, fill it with hashtags and go to sleep while we wait for the followers and likes to rain down on us.

The amount of “likes” may be good, but the comments are something else.

Instagram requires participation. Tell a story in each image, ask your followers questions that lead them to commit. In this way, you will generate participation and create community.

On the other hand, do not forget to go through the photos of your followers or those you want them to be, give them a little heart ❤ and leave comments. Remember to sow to reap.

3. Take advantage of statistics

If you have a company Instagram account, you should use the statistics for more than just to see what your most successful publication is. And the thing is that one of the most interesting data they give you is what day of the week and at what time your followers are most active. This is key so that in the immensity of this social network your photos appear in their accounts.

If you still do not have a company account but use a personal profile and would like to change, in this other post we explain how to do it simply.

4. Optimize your bio

Filling in your profile bio with a little interest is another way to attract followers. It is your cover letter so that whoever enters your account decides if they are interested or not in addition to your photos.

Another interesting thing that we can add to the profile is a web link. You should know that in the comments or the descriptions of the images the links do not work. So the only way to direct your followers to your website, your blog, or another social network will be through this option in the biography. Don’t leave it blank. And remember that you can change it as many times as you want by editing the profile. So you can put your last post, an article that is a novelty in your online store, etc.

5. Link your account

Take advantage of your presence on other social networks or your blog or website to link to your Instagram profile. So you can send new followers from these sites.

Link your Facebook pages with their corresponding Instagram company profiles (you can manage both accounts from Facebook, ads, automatically publish the photos you upload to Instagram also on Facebook,…).

On your blog or website, make the links to your social networks visible, so that whoever enters can easily follow you.

So far the 5 basic tricks to increase followers on Instagram. We hope they are useful and give you good results.

Now it’s your turn to leave us a comment telling us about your experience with Instagram and if you are already using these tricks. As always, we would love to read to you 😊.

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